Wanda Maximoff was always one of the most powerful characters in MCU and especially post her upgrade by the Infinity Stone, her powers have grown insane.
The events of WandaVision just gave us a look at her magical abilities and she’s been getting stronger than ever making her a powerhouse.
There are characters who are on her level but on the other hand there are some who aren’t.

1. On Her Level: Doctor Strange

In WandaVision, Agatha Harkness reveals to Wanda that she is supposed to be more powerful than Sorcerer Supreme who is Dr. Strange currently. He has achieved his mastery over the Time Stone; but even without it, Doctor Strange is extremely powerful sorcerer who is capable of performing unimaginable spells.

2. Can’t Match Her: Spider-Man

Spider- Man is incredible strong for a teenager but he is nowhere when compared to Wanda’s powers. If it where to just physical fight, Peter could probably win; but considering the magic power and the fact that Wanda was able to hold off Thanos, she can surely handle a teenager.

3. On Her Level: Thor

Thor has been powerful for centuries; after all he’s the God of Thunder. He has had amazing character development in MCU and he even almost killed Thanos.

4. Can’t Match Her:  Iron Man

Tony Stark is one of the most loved characters in the MCU and is too intelligent as well. All the suits he has managed to designed over the years is spectacular.
Even though he is still a hero without suit, he can’t do much hero work without it. While Infinity stones killed him, Wanda on other hand upgraded her powers when she was exposed to one.

5. On Her Level: Captain Marvel

Captain Marvel was able to take on Thanos one – on 0ne even when he had all the Infinity Stones. It took his entire strength to get her off him.
She also has amazing powers from Infinity Stone just like Wanda.
She is hands down one of the most powerful heroes of MCU.

6. Can’t Match Her: Hawkeye 

Hawkeye has always proved his worth as an Avenger despite of being a normal human being. He has exceptional spy skills and a great aim; but he is useless compared to Wanda. He wouldn’t have survived if it weren’t for Pietro.

7. On Her Level: Agatha Harkness

We recently learned about Agatha Harkness’ incredible powers despite of the fact that she’s been in the MCU for centuries.
She has pulled off some amazing magic power and imprisoned Wanda and her kids.
Of course Wanda did absorb her magic in the finale but Agatha will surely regain them soon.

8. Can’t Match Her: Ant-Man & Wasp

Ant-Man and the Wasp are a great team; they have amazing fighting skills and can solve problems too and have powerful suits as well ; especially Hope’s.
Even without suits they could probably fight their battles but they would end up being well trained people with no special powers as such. That just makes them no where close to Wanda.

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