MCU: 5 Characters’ Origin Changed For The Better (And 3 For The Worse)

Bringing characters to the big screen isn’t as easy as it seems. The creators need to decide how they want to tell the origin story of each character. Sometimes, die-hard fans get angry at filmmakers for altering the origin of their favorite character. However, there are many characters whose stories won’t fit in until they’re slightly altered. Thereby, Marvel has a decision to make every time they introduce a new character to the films.

Today we are going to explore five Marvel Characters with altered origins which turned out to be better and 3 with altered onscreen origins for the worse.

Better: Drax

Drax the Destroyer had a weird comic book origin. In the comics, he began his life on Earth as a man and had a wife until one day Thanos’ ship passes over and killed his family. Drax, then known as Arthur Douglas, was revived by Thanos’ father.
However, the films show him in space while his family gets killed by Roman the Accuser. The MCU origin story is much more concise and believable than the former, making Drax a more sympathetic character than ridiculous.

Worse: Yellow Jacket

In the comics, Darren Cross was a brilliant businessman who had heart issues. To bring Cross back from a heart attack, one of his employees tried to take the heart of Cassy Lang, which announced Scott Lang’s arrival.
This led to a fight between Yellow Jacket and Ant-Man which wasn’t shown in the film. Cross was actually a bit eviler and had bad blood with Hank Pym. The film just made Cross look one-dimensional.

Better: Spider-Man

It was challenging for MCU to adapt Spidey into the universe. Tom Holland’s Spider-Man lands up with Tony Stark who teaches him big lessons, also giving him a new suit.

This adaptation of Spider-Man looked more comic accurate and has been loved by fans until now.

Worse: Vision

In the comics, Vision was created with the use of a robotic body of the Human Torch mixed with the consciousness of Wonder Man. And this version succeeded in attacking Avengers. However, the team talked to the robot and Vision slowly gained more control.
However, the movies show him getting created by Ultron to destroy the Avengers in 2015’s Age of Ultron. The comic version of the character had more depth than the movie version, given that the Cinematic adaptation quickly turned him into a good guy.

Better: Black Panther

The comics saw T’Challa’s father getting kidnapped by Ulysses Klaw, starting a conflict between the two immediately. T’Challa was sent to America to study before he returned and challenged his uncle for the throne.
The film saw Black Panther dealing with his own grief after his father got taken down by Zemo. This origin story shows T’Challa learning how to be a king and Black Panther at the same time.

Worse: Hela

The Goddess of Death, Hela was always a dark force to the people of Asgard. The comics saw her as the daughter of Loki, who spent years building an army and trying to begin Ragnarok.
The movies saw her as a secret first-born daughter of Odin despite never being mentioned before Waititi’s Ragnarok. Moreover, Hela was more than just an Asgardian with crazy powers.

Better: Captain America

The comics saw Steve Rogers getting trained after consuming the Super Soldier Serum before he gets into a war with Red Skull.
However, in 2011’s Captain America: The First Avenger, we get to see more how Rogers develops into a hero. It’s more satisfying to see him going at war and take the lead than the comics which sort of rushed into his origin story.

Better: Thanos

The comics saw Thanos as the son of Eternals, madly in love with Lady Death, which sent him on a quest to gather Infinity Stones and wipe out half the universe.
On the other hand, Infinity War saw the Mad Titan watch his planet getting destroyed due to overpopulation which sets him on a journey to attain all Infinity Stones so that he could bring balance to the universe. This sounds more in-depth than just trying to impress Lady Death.

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