MCU: 5 Times When Heroes Were Responsible For Creating The Villains

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has some of the best villains whom the world admires. And these villains are capable of creating havoc on the entire planet all by themselves. Usually, villains have a sob story but when it comes to few MCU villains, they were actually created by lies, inaction, and stupidity of the MCU’s heroes themselves.

Here’s a list of those villains who were created by the heroes.

1. The Ancient One Should Have Never Taken Kaecilius As Her Apprentice!

Doctor Strange

Kaecilius trained with the Ancient One for a brief time and then decided that they couldn’t provide the answers he was promised at the beginning. Kaecilius then decided to look towards Dormammu instead. This was also because he knew that the Ancient One drew power from the dark dimension and Kaecilius wanted to do the same. Had the Ancient One made better decisions while choosing apprentices, much damage could have been avoided.

2. Tony Stark Along With Bruce Banner Literally Built Ultron


Argue all you want, but there is no denial that Stark and Banner were responsible for all the destruction their AI creation caused. Throughout Marvel films, we were shown how Stark badly wants to protect the people of Earth and he can go to any lengths to make them feel safe.
Both of them knew that the “project” is potentially dangerous but they still went on with it without considering that it could threaten the planet. Ultron had himself said, “I know you mean well, but you just didn’t think it through.”

3. Odin Was Responsible For Creating Loki By Favoring Thor All The Time.


Odin wanted to give life to baby Loki after he took them from the Frost Giants. But he hoped to use the child for his own political gain, by uniting the kingdoms in the future. When Loki confronted Odin, we could see the pain Loki had carried with himself all his life.

4. Wakanda’s Policy of Isolation Made Erik Killmonger Turn Evil

Black Panther

Erik Killmonger‘s father N’Jobu was the brother of T’Chaka (former Wakanda king). N’Jobu went to America and was furious about all the hardships the Black community had to face outside of Wakanda. He decided to go against the will of his brother and tried to use the resources to help the people… which lead to a confrontation with his brother. This lead to his death.
Erik Killmonger was born in America and he knew the struggle of being raised outside Wakanda. All this lead to his decision of taking over Wakanda to use the powers to help the world outside.

5. Tony’s Pathetic Management Gave Led To Mysterio Wanting Revenge

Mysterio in Spider-Man

Tony wasn’t really a good boss. Mysterio once said that Tony used to take credit for all the inventions made by his employees. Quentin Beck and his “associates” (the former employees who joined Beck on his evil mission) had enough when Stark gave EDIT security system to Peter Parker instead of someone from the company itself.

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