MCU: 5 Villains We Hope To See In Movies And 5 We Don’t

We all love a great superhero movie, but all our favorite heroes wouldn’t be at the stage they are without the villains to give a tough fight to.
Many times, the villains are the bad guys just for the thrill of it and sometimes they have such great charisma that fans end up liking the villains more than the hero!

There are fans who root for villains and sadly they haven’t been appreciated much considering how popular Killmonger from Black Panther and Hela from Thor: Ragnarok have been.

Marvel Cinematic Universe has just started to enter Phase 4 and we can’t wait to see all the Marvel villains that are set to make a debut on the big screen.

There are some villains who deserve to be in MCU and there are some which don’t…(yes all of us can’t agree on same thing)

Here are 5 Marvel villains we hope to see in MCU and 5 Marvel villains we hope don’t appear.

1. Doctor Doom: Hope To See Him!

Doctor Doom is one of the most popular villain in the Marvel comics.
Doom has made a point to terrorize every superhero he could. And he could possibly be introduced in Fantastic Four, a franchise which sadly didn’t work well in the films.
He has been up against Avengers and even took mantle of Iron Man. He has been so notorious and we can’t wait to see what he does on the big screen.

2. Abomination: Hope He Doesn’t Appear!

Abomination is a very interesting idea but only on paper. The evil version of the Incredible Hulk is the mirror image of the hero and is a classic character in the comic book stories.
However he is an extremely wrong character to use for such tale.
And moreover, Abomination squaring off against the Hulk would just look like an extremely awful version of Godzilla vs. Kong.
Do we want two green giants beating up each other for more than one hour?

3. Mephisto: Hope To See Him!

Black Panther has proved that Marvel doesn’t need movies to be full off non-stop jokes to actually be successful. They can have more serious movies because they have such audiences that are interested in such movies with that kind of substance.
And interestingly Mephisto has a darker and deeper story which is not really something Marvel has explored.
This could be Marvel’s answer to DC’s Suicide Squad and Joker movies.

4. Beta Ray Bill: Hope He Doesn’t Appear!

All three of Odin’s children; Loki, Thor and Hela; have at a point been told that they were the true heirs to the throne.
They have a dysfunction family with so many broken members.
Now imagine a random alien/ evil version of Thor fighting for controlling the Mjolnir, it would just feel very similar to the ground that MCU has covered.
And without family connection, introducing Beta Ray Bill, would make no sense to the franchise.

5. Grim Reaper: Hope To See Him!

Eric Williams was mistreated by his parents, he was insulted by his mother and ignored by his father and due to this he was sort of destined to become a villain.
He struggles could actually open a new angle aka nature vs nurture and that could focus of importance of emotional intelligence in transitioning into adulthood.
With his such heartbreaking origin story and a redemption arc, (when he takes fall for his brother when he steals money from his company) William could be a complex character with morality.

6. Soul Strangler: Hope Doesn’t Appear!

Soul Strangler is the arc nemesis of Black Panther and is different on so many levels.
Black Panther on one hand fighting the literal embodiment of the hatred of the KKK could be just bit too much.
And Marvel could be pressurized much on better served to continue asking hard and work on unexplored questions and it won’t help MCU’s image much.

7. Lilith: Hope To See Her!

Lilith is like the most mysterious and powerful creator of the vampires. She is a pre-Sumerian goddess, the antithesis of everything that Thor stands for who just happens to practice dark magic.
Marvel released Black Widow, Captain Marvel and introduced Hela too and hopefully that means we can see more focus on women.
And that means we can see women both in good and evil roles and that would be a great change.
And Lilith’s dark storyline could make things more interesting.

8. Kingpin: Hope Doesn’t Appear!

Vincent D’Onofrio is simply great as Wilson Fisk in the Netflix’s Daredevil but Marvel has made it clear that they are not interested in crossing over their TV Series with the MCU.
This is really unfortunate considering the prolific presence Fisk has in the comic books.
He is a major nemesis to both Spider – Man and Daredevil, and Fisk is one of the most formidable villains Marvel has.

9.  Morbius, The Living Vampire: Hope To See Him!

Morbius is a vampire but not exactly as he is still alive and that means he doesn’t suffer the same weaknesses as a typical Vampire.
Which means, he can come out in the day and make everyone’s lives miserable and making it more difficult to defeat him.
But, he feeds the same way vampires do!
However, after a point, Morbius gives up his villain status.

10. M. O. D. O. K: Hope Doesn’t Appear!

M. O. D. O. K is extremely a genius person and has a literal egghead. He has an abnormal body which consists of a giant misshapen head with tiny arms and legs.
And that is why probably he could never be taken off seriously if he appeared in the MCU.
And moreover, in the comics, M. O. D. O. K.’s storylines often have gone over the top in the terms of cheesiness.
While all that is fine in the books, the MCU is trying to keep things a lot more realistic while they can provide a “fantasy” atmosphere.

Even, overlooking all of these issues and even assuming that Marvel is capable of doing all the kind of CGI which is needed for the character, and even the story is extremely well executed, the character simply doesn’t have much purpose apart from ending life.

Mahima parmar
Mahima parmar

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