MCU: Ego’s Motivation Is Parallel To Horde’s (& It Is Worse)

Marvel Studios’ Eternals gave fans their first clear look at the Celestials. They are the enormous beings who come from the early history of the Marvel Universe. The Eternals are said to be a creation of the Celestials. But apparently, the movie changed how fans viewed the MCU as a whole. Interestingly enough though, this isn’t the first time when fans catch a glimpse of a Celestial being in the MCU. In Guardians of Galaxy Vol 2, when Ego claims to be one himself, his statements catalyzed intense rumors among hardcore Marvel fans and theorists alike.

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has become more expressive by the day and it’s no surprise why audiences are questioning where Eternals stand with the rest of the universe. With theories focusing on whether Adam Warlock was just as misunderstood as Thanos, some fans are also echoing the theory about Ego’s true nature.

Ego is Worse than a Celestial
Ego is Worse than a Celestial

Ego’s Motivation Could Parallel The Horde

In the comic world, it is Horde who acts against the Celestial beings in Guardians of the Galaxy. In its debut, Ego wipes out the ranks of the extraterrestrial favorites in Space Oddity. That being said, this race was created by Jack Kirby and Stan Lee. Apparently, it becomes everything about the power and who will win it first. Since Ego is not categorized under the Horde’s nature, his motivations parallel those belonging to the Horde.

Ego in Marvel Cinematic Universe
Ego in Marvel Cinematic Universe

The Celestials are known throughout the universe for having an insatiable appetite and a penchant for drawing sustenance through the creation of planets seeded with biological life. Ego, one of the Guardians‘ most dangerous supervillains is said to have evolved from a Celestial, making him part Celestial as well. It’s heavily implied that Ego mined the same galaxy like the one where Zartha, the home planet of Necrocraft, was located. By doing this, Ego made it possible to draw on Necrocraft’s energy.

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Ego Is Worse

Ego isn’t really as much a Celestial. He is a living parasite who naturally travels from planet to planet and feeds off energies from them. This way, he lives without having to fulfill his actual duties, which is essentially feeding off any cosmic entities that come into contact with him. His long-term goal is to become powerful enough to become a Celestial so that he can escape this endless cycle.

Eternals is available to stream on Disney+
Eternals is available to stream on Disney+

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To conclude, Ego is a multi-dimensional being who transcends time and space. Unlike the Celestials, he exists at a much lower level of the hierarchy. But that doesn’t make him any less terrifying for Peter Quill. The idea of having to deal with Ego on Earth got fans not only intrigued but also petrified.

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