MCU: Eternals Should Have Copied Man of Steel Ending & Not Batman vs Superman

The MCU has released the third movie of their phase 4 and its Eternals. The movie revolves around a group of superheroes that have assisted humanity for a long time and helped them evolve. Speaking of phase 4, so far we have seen Black Widow, Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, and finally, Eternals. While the movie has been thrashed by some critics, it still pleases the core of the MCU and of course, gives us a bunch of new superheroes. And let’s not forget, the Celestials are here now. However, there’s a problem with the climax of the movie. The movie has taken more of a BvS ending whereas it should have inclined more towards Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel‘s ending. Check it out!

MCU’s Eternals Should’ve Ended Like Man of Steel

MCU: Eternals could have had a Man of Steel type ending
MCU: Eternals could have had a Man of Steel-type ending

Snyder’s Man of Steel is widely considered a cinematic masterpiece and rests well in the hearts of DCEU fans. Well, one of the main reasons was that we got to see Henry Cavill as Clark Kent and he nailed his role. Later on, in Batman v. Superman, things took a turn when the Caped Crusader started considering Superman as the real threat to humanity. Also, courtesy of Lex Luthor’s manipulations. The two core heroes of DC were put against each other and Batman nearly killed Superman with kryptonite.

Eternals should have followed a Man of Steel ending
Eternals should have followed a Man of Steel ending

Now, when we talk about Eternals, something similar happens when Ikaris refuses to ignore the directive of the Prime Celestial Arishem. On one hand, the majority of the Eternals were on the right side, and naturally, they are forced to oppose Ikaris. Also, when Ikaris had the chance to kill Sersi, he couldn’t do it simply because of the love he has for her. In the final hour, the team channels their powers, form the Uni-Mind and end the Emergence.

MCU Eternals: Sersi should have killed Ikaris
MCU Eternals: Sersi should have killed Ikaris

But this ending could have been more dynamic if the movie had followed a similar ending to Man of Steel. In this DC film, Zod tried to terraform Earth into the new Krypton. However, Clark Kent is not in favour of ending humanity and this pisses of Zod because Kent chooses humans above his fellow Kryptonians. As a result, Kent ends up killing Zod which is a big deal for him. Something similar could have been pulled off in Eternals as it could have been Sersi who ultimately kills Ikaris to save humanity. It would have had a long-lasting impact because the centuries-long romance would make it tough. What are your thoughts on this?

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