MCU has a large successful Superhero Universe.

Recently, The Walt Disney Company has acquired 20th Century Fox. Several superhero franchises have been unified under the hugely successful Marvel Entertainment umbrella. There’s now a possibility that target markets will see the Silver Surfer and the Fantastic Four show up in the MCU. No feasible crossover looms larger than a get-together with Marvel’s cheerful heroes, nevertheless. The X-Men have been a leading franchise in theatre for twenty years and a fan-favourite in the comics for much longer. They are a vital element of Marvel Comics. It has been embedded their very own edge of superhero flick before.

Here is an opportunity to Reboot the Mutant Franchise.

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Moving the X-Men to a new Universe provides an ideal opportunity to reboot the entire franchise. This will help in leaving all the ill will behind. It will also be offering audiences a fresh take on these personalities. Several fans will certainly miss out on Hugh Jackman as Wolverine. He and various other actors in the franchise business have been offered a long term deal. With little to lose, and also a lot to gain, the X-Men are ready for a brighter future than in the past on the large screen. Captain Marvel revealed that it was possible to make some changes to history. Her flick also provided a starting point for Nick Fury to begin his search for superheroes. This would
undoubtedly unite the Avengers for the very first time.

MCU crossover will help in the better portrayal of the mutants

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The anxiety and hatred the X-Men confront is social bias. It has been established gradually over time as people came to be mindful of mutants as well as their often dangerous or scary capacities. There’s just no way for mutants to suddenly show up as an individual superhero may with a fast beginning story.
The nature of the MCU makes the existence of that background amazing.
Component of the radiance of the MCU is its capability to apply retcons just like the comics (commonly in a much more smooth fashion, also). Just consider how well Captain America: The First Avenger as well as Captain Marvel. They were made to work as a foundation for existing motion pictures. It’s not merely a determination to revise the past. It is more of the ability to make that fresh created previous boost the here and now. Thus, Nick Fury’s search and Thanos’ snap in the Avengers: Endgame will set the phase for the arrival of mutants in the MCU.


Source: Comicbook, Comicvine

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