The mystery revolves around the villain of the upcoming Black Widow film. Even after fans first came to know that the villain would be Taskmaster, there has been unrestrained conjecture regarding just whose face might be behind the skull-styled mask. The movie’s recent trailer debunked one of the leading theories about Taskmaster’s specifications that Rachel Weisz’s Melina Vostokoff, known in the comics as Iron Maiden, was Taskmaster, despite showing up to be one of Black Widow’s allies.

The Secret Taskmaster

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The anonymous face behind taskmaster makes the fans curious.

Piece of what was alluring about Vostokoff secretly being Taskmaster came in expecting the unexpected. Since Taskmaster is a man in the comics, known as Tony Masterson in his career as a superhero-defiant mercenary, confusing it up in the film by reanalyzing the villain as a woman and an ally of the film’s heroine seemed like a captivating move.

Super Adaptoid

 super adaptoid
Robust and intelligent robot.

Taskmaster is just a gifted human with a natural ability for perfectly reforming other’s movements upon first noticing them. In opposition, the Super Adaptoid is a robust robot invented by the evil organization AIM to replicate any superpower it witnesses. Permeated initially with a hint of the reality-warping Cosmic Cube to aid in its mission, the Super Adaptoid first competed the Avengers by imitating their every ability and piece of apparatus.

Black widow and the Taskmaster

 black widow
Black widow might conceal the taskmaster.

Concealing the Adaptoid as Taskmaster in Black Widow would be a fantastic way for the MCU to up the ante unanticipated. While posing to be human or perhaps limited in the early stages of its imitating powers, the Adaptoid’s abilities would be identical from Taskmaster’s. And it’s not like the MCU hasn’t joined villains or used surprise twists previously. Iron Man 3 acted fast and loose with the identity of the Mandarin to disobey audience expectations, and it would be no dissimilar if the same were done with Taskmaster.

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