MCU May Have Revealed Black Panther 2’s Title

The release of the Black Panther movie broke many box office records. Black Panther is one of the MCUs most beloved and awaited movie of all time. King T’Challa role portrayal by Chadwick Boseman is a very fascinating character in the MCU. Black Panther is a cultural phenomenon dominating the box office. The movie has earned over $1.3 billion at the box office. Black Panther is the first superhero film to ever be nominated for Best Picture at the Academy Awards.

Releasing May 6, 2022

Releasing May 6 2022
King T’Challa will arrive shortly. Wakanda Forever!

The sequel for the box office hit is one of the most highly-anticipated releases. MCUs Phase 4 reveals many movies and TV shows which are going to be releasing soon. Black Panther 2’s release date announcement has left us all with excitement in our bones. The official release date of the sequel 2 is May 6, 2022.

Even though the plot details may not have been revealed, the fans seem pretty excited for the sequel. Most of the cast from the first movie is returning back for the second instalment. But one can surely look out for easter eggs in the upcoming Phase 4 movies. After all, there may be secret teasers for what lies in the movie for King T’Challa.

Black Panther: Lost Kingdom

Black Panther: The Lost Kingdom
The sequel is rumoured to be titled Black Panther: The Lost Kingdom.

Sources reveal that the real Mandarin would be the villain in Shang-Chi and that the Inhumans will be rebooted in Ms Marvel. Both of these shows have received confirmation. Sources also reveal that the sequel’s title could be Black Panther: Lost Kingdom. Marvel Studios have usually given a subtitle to the majority of their sequels to date.

Black Panther’s post-credits scene has King T’Challa reveal Wakanda’s status as a technologically advanced state. This is mainly after keeping Wakanda hidden from the world for a long time. Such a narrative will pave way for the plotline in the sequel. Though sources rumoured the Black Panther 2’s title it is still not been confirmed officially. Though, Black Panther: Lost Kingdom is what it’s being called right now. Since the production of the movie continues, Marvel can always decide on something else.

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