MCU: Phase 4 Trying To Set Up A New Magic Hero Powerful Than Dr. Strange

By now all of us know MCU is best known for its characters and the way it portrays them. MCU has introduced various superheroes, anti-heroes, villains, and magic heroes. Mostly the debates revolve around who is the most powerful superhero or villain. But this time, it is about the magic heroes of MCU. When we say magic hero, Dr. Strange is the first name that crosses our minds. However, he isn’t the only magic hero in MCU. We also have Wanda, now known as Scarlet Witch, Wong, Loki, and someone who can transform the magic game in MCU. Who? You must be wondering. Because we all thought Dr. Strange is the most powerful Sorceror Supreme. But looks like this character’s magical powers surpass Dr. Strange’s powers. Continue reading to know who we’re talking about!

Doctor Strange in MCU
Doctor Strange

MCU: Phase 4 Trying To Set Up A New Magic Hero Powerful Than Dr. Strange

Doctor Strange and Scarlet Witch- Who will defeat who?
Doctor Strange and Scarlet Witch- Who will defeat who?

Sounds weird, right? A magic hero who is powerful than Dr. Strange. We all have seen how Dr. Strange evolves during his journey to become the Sorceror Supreme in his first outing as Dr. Strange. The movie was pure artwork. We saw how Dr. Strange defeated Dormammu. He prove that he deserved that position. He could fight Thanos and could view over 14 million timelines in Avengers: Endgame. All this sounds so fancy, so magical. But, Dr. Strange lost his status to Wong in Spider-Man: No Way Home. But that doesn’t make Dr. Strange less of a powerful magic hero. BUT, there’s one character, who already has been introduced to us, who is powerful than Strange.

Billy, Wanda's son in MCU
Billy, Wanda’s son

MCU’s Phase 4 kickstarted with WandaVision. This show was a rollercoaster ride for the viewers. We saw the power couple of MCU go through it all from living a happy life in West View, having friends, neighbors, and twin children to ending it all. The first show of Phase 4 showed us how Wanda realized her true powers and became Scarlet Witch. What this show also did was introduce us to Billy, one of Wanda’s sons. Remember how he was realizing his powers? Well, Billy Kaplan, a.k.a, Wiccan, in Marvel Comics, is a reality-warping magic-user with immeasurable powers. He can wrap multiverse realities with a thought. Yes, with just his thought. This we could see a glimpse of in the show itself. However, in the show, we were shown that his powers were underdeveloped. That’s because he had just discovered them. But in the comics, he has powers that can surpass Dr. Strange.

Who Is Billy Kaplan?

Wanda's son Billy is more powerful than Doctor Strange
Wanda’s son Billy is more powerful than Doctor Strange

Billy Kaplan was first introduced in Young Avengers #1 (2005). His family history is complicated. But given his powers and abilities, it is clear that he can defeat any magic user we’ve seen in MCU so far, including Dr. Strange. In the comics, he is a member of the Young Avengers, who are destined to take up the mantle of superheroes when they grow up. In MCU, Billy is Wanda and Vision’s son.

The show WandaVision has laid down Billy’s character in MCU. Even though we saw everything turning back to normal, in the post-credits scene, we saw Scarlet Witch could hear her children’s voices. Moreover, the grief-stricken lady was brushing up her powers and was trying to realize her true strength. So, you never know what MCU has in store for you!

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