MCU Supporting Characters So Hated We Wouldn’t Mind If They Die

The MCU has created some of the most loved cinematic characters of all time. There is no doubt that Iron Man and Captain America have been icons for years, but not all characters have been that lucky; especially when it comes to the side characters.
it could have been the way they are written or the bad things they have done, they do not get the same love from the fans as the heroes do.
Here are the most hated supporting characters in the MCU.

1. John Walker

John Walker had many reasons to make every Marvel fan mad the moment he stepped on the screen in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. But to cut him slack, it was never easy for anyone to step into the Captain America suit and follow Steve Rogers.

2. Ravonna Renslayer

When Ravonna Renslayer was introduced in Loki series, she wasn’t met warmly by the fans as she was a constant stick in the mud especially when it came to Loki’s time- travelling shenanigans. She was just a blind follower of the rules which kept on becoming frustrating the more it became clear she was being lied to.

3. Darcy Lewis 

Comedic sidekicks in the MCU are usually a lot of fun like Luis and Shuri. But Darcy Lewis, even though smart is one of those comic relief character fans do not really embrace. She was introduced in Thor as the intern who was working with Jane Foster.
But instead of helping around and being useful, she is often seen acting lazy and cracks one liners.

4. Trevor Slattery

On one hand fans were excited with Tony Leung’s turn as Wenwu  in Shang- Chi, the history of his villain is quite controversial. Fans were expecting to see Mandarin, Iron Man’s iconic villain only for the supposed terrorist to turn out to be a drunken actor named Trevor Slattery. While many fans enjoyed this twist, others were extremely disappointed to miss out on the real Mandarin.

5. Sharon Carter

Yes, for sometime Sharon Carter was actually one of the most underrated heroes in the MCU, she was putting herself on the line to save the world. But then she did turn to the dark side.
In The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, Sharon was revealed to be the Power Broker and her evil intentions are still not revealed. But it’s unlikely she will be loved the same way.

6. Dottie Jones

Dottie was exactly the character which was supposed to be hated. Within the sitcom throwback style of WandaVision, Dottie filled the role of the typical rude and a stuck- up neighbor. And she filled that role well and became instantly unlikeable.

7. Thunderbolt Ross

Thunderbolt Ross was introduced in The Incredible Hulk as a determined military man but since then has become a constant thorn in the side of the Avengers. Even though he keeps poking his nose in their business on multiple occasions; he is never taken seriously by them. And they just choose to ignore his authority whenever he disagrees with them.

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