MCU Theory: Chris Evans Will Return In The Future As Hydra Captain America

While it’s fair to say that MCU wouldn’t be as successful as it is without Evans’ Captain America, it could be even more exciting if we see Hydra Cap on screen again. Marvel fans would most likely love to see him officially join Team Iron Man instead of being an adversary. Even though Chris Evans leaving the role of Captain America was painful, it is unfortunate to hear that we won’t get to see Cap return to his previously fit form.

Chris Evans as Hydra Captain in MCU
Chris Evans as Hydra Captain in MCU

This doesn’t mean he will have to be recast as another character entirely. But apparently, it does leave us wondering how drastically Rogers might be portrayed in future films. Although it’s quite disappointing, we’re not sure whether or not the film could be taking place before an alternative timeline unfolds.

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Captain America As Hydra Captain

Kobik is the innocent result of a Hydra experiment, who was used as a tool to alter Captain America in the comic world. Her cloning technology brought back Red Skull and gave him one final chance to restore Hydra to its former glory. But in doing so, he took advantage of Kobik’s naiveté and twisted her into something monstrous. This resulted in Captain America becoming Hydra Supreme with the power to change the reality on a cosmic scale.

Kobik in Marvel Comics
Kobik in Marvel Comics

In this regard, the Red Skull only aimed to cause chaos, so he started working on a SHIELD-sponsored project. A strange town was created where former supervillains were transformed into good people. Things didn’t work out the way they were supposed to when the Red Skull messed up with their creation and Steve Rogers escaped from their prison. He became a phenomenon once again and took advantage of his powers to become Hydra’s Captain America, who then cleaned up the place which had become a threat for them in one way or another.

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Steve Rogers was struck in the Cosmic Cube in the fifties and was turned into a Hydra double agent. Captain America’s reputation was ruined, although it wasn’t clear if it was really the fake Steve Rogers or Bucky Barnes that stopped him. After Hydra Supreme’s reign ended, Bucky had to cleanse Kobik of Red Skull’s influence and restore the real Steve Rogers’ reputation. The super-soldier has a lot of work to do now that he is back at it again.

There’s An Upcoming Hydra Supreme Story In MCU Phase 4

Chris Evans as Captain America in MCU
Chris Evans as Captain America in MCU

Marvel Studios can’t perfectly replicate Secret Empire. But the storyline will inevitably make its way into the MCU. Or at least it will make its way in part; thanks to what Phase 4 is doing with Steve Rogers and other elements. The ending of Avengers: Endgame made it clear that Steve Rogers will finally leave the screen in his very own trilogy. There, he will take on a new name. But how it’d happen is yet unclear.

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