MCU Theory: Could The Next Captain America Get His Powers From Wakanda?

Chris Evans is bidding farewell to the Marvel Cinematic Universe after seven long years of reprising the iconic Captain America. Evans was initially hesitant of taking the role but finally, after talking to Robert Downey Jr over a call, the actor agreed to accept the role. Here’s what he wrote on the last day of the Avengers 4 reshoots:

“Playing this role over the last 8 years has been an honor. To everyone in front of the camera, behind the camera, and in the audience, thank you for the memories! Eternally grateful.”

Now we know that the mantle of Cap in MCU is too big to retire. Both Captain America and Iron Man are not expected to come out alive of Avengers 4. Marvel may kill the characters but it cannot kill their mantles. However, Marvel has two characters who may replace Captain America in the next phase of MCU after Avengers 4. These are Falcon and Cap’s best friend, Bucky Barnes aka Winter Solider.

It’s heavily rumoured that Captain Marvel will take Evans’ place in MCU but we would like it if the mantle of Captain America continues after Evans’ departure. Bucky Barnes is now known as The White Wolf, and as Sebastian Stan still has a few films left with MCU on his contract, we can expect to see him continuing as White Wolf instead of getting Captain America’s iconic shield.

Marvel may experiment with Sam Wilson aka Falcon, as it would give the character more onscreen time and an opportunity to achieve something big in the phase of MCU. But like Captain America and Winter Soldier, he’s not a Super Soldier. We agree that he has been remarkable as Falcon, but to become Captain America, he would need a bit more than that.

However, there’s a theory that reveals the reason behind the success of the Super Soldier experiment with Rogers, saying that it was only possible because Howard Stark was somehow able to mix the Heart shaped herb along with vibranium. This theory may work with MCU, as there are certain similarities between Black Panther and Captain America.

The Herb provides the agent with stability to the effect of the Super Soldier serum. This is why Rogers was not as violent as Hulk or Red Skull. So, it’s safe to say that whoever becomes the next Captain America might need the Heart Shaped herb from Wakanda.

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