MCU Villains That Somehow Defied The Legendary ‘Marvel Villain Problem’

MCU villains seem super cool these days, right? But that’s not exactly how it has been. MCU has been criticized for having a “villain problem” for a long time. It turns out that fans always appreciated the way the story would develop for the heroes, or how they would change or learn from their mistakes. It has always been interesting to watch heroes have some character arc, but when it came to MCU villains, they weren’t really memorable.

The MCU villains often had no real plans or motivation and they felt as if they were just there for the sake of being there. These villains would be easily defeated and it seemed pretty effortless for the heroes to win. Of course, Marvel Comics has always had great villains but MCU too has some great villains who defied the criticism.

1. Hela

MCU Villains who were better than heroes
After seeing what she had to go through, many fans felt that Hela deserved much better

Thor: Ragnarok was a fun movie with some comic relief. We didn’t see Thor turning into his comical side coming at all. But then we were introduced to Hela and she is a bad a##. Hela could have actually ended up meeting the same fate as MCU villains considering the film was already amazing without her. But thanks to Taika Waititi and Cate Blanchett, we saw her turn into a villain we can never forget.

We mean she crushed Mjolnir with bare hands and destroyed Asgard. Even though she is dead, she has impacted Thor’s life in many ways.

2. Thanos

MCU Villains that are fan favorites
Thanos’ intentions were not wrong exactly

Did we ever think it was a possibility that a villain would win? Well, the Russo brothers made it possible. They successfully made Thanos into a formidable villain. The Infinity War and Endgame showed us that he was not only a great warrior but also a great tactician. He beat the Avengers and wipe out half the planet! Damn. And his intentions actually made sense. He lived up to his name “the Mad Titan.”

3. Erik Killmonger

MCU Villains who are much better
It was sad that Erik had to go through so much as a kid

He proved himself to be a real threat to the hero. Erik defeated T’Challa in a battle and got the throne of Wakanda along with Black Panther’s powers. Michael B. Jordan did such a spectacular job playing the villain. Thanks to him, Erik Killmonger became one of the favorite MUC villains among fans.

4. Iron Monger

MCU great villains
Iron Monger set some pretty great standards for future villains

What makes Iron Monger memorable apart from the fact he is a great villain, is that he was MCU’s first villain. He set a standard for all the other villains. Obadiah Stane slyly gains Tony’s trust but then destroys him by becoming Iron Monger who is a bigger and stronger version of Iron Man.

In the film, he was portrayed as he cared about Tony but he was just interested in the assets and tech. He definitely was a great villain.

5. Ego

MCU Villains who are far better than heroes
Honestly, we want to see more of Ego and want MCU to reveal some secrets about him

We don’t think we are yet done with this MCU villain. It was quite a twist when they revealed that Peter’s father was a living planet and was a Celestial. Ego has his own evil plan and wants to dominate the entire universe. Ego even forced Peter to confront the death of his mother.

With the Eternals introducing Celestials officially, and there’s much more to explore for Eternals, we are definitely meeting Ego again.

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