MCU Villains Who Should Have Lawyered Up With She-Hulk Like Abomination Did

Many a times, the MCU Villains were just people who had been wronged by the other side. Maybe it was just bad luck. Or maybe it was all planned. But they did fall on hard times. The Avengers and the government are not always right. they too falter a lot of times. And when they do, these people get caught in the crossfire and some of them end up becoming pawns of their power struggle. These MCU Villains should have hired She-Hulk as their lawyer like Abomination did. She-Hulk would have helped them get justice.

She-Hulk Trailer - Bad CGI
She-Hulk Trailer – Tatiana Maslany

Baron Zemo – The Avengers Destroyed Most of His Sokovian Fortune

Daniel Brühl - Baron Zemo She-Hulk
Daniel Brühl – Baron Zemo

From The Falcon & The Winter Soldier, it is known that Baron Zemo is a rich dude. The guy is pretty much royalty in Sokovia. His family owns a large amount of real estate and properties all over the country. But we never knew how much of it is still intact. The show reveals that Zemo still has enough clout to have the Flag-Smashers killed while under governmental custody.

If Zemo lawyers up with She-Hulk, he could sue the Avengers for bringing irreparable damage to his fortune back in Sokovia. Considering they still have access to Tony’s and Wakanda’s funds after the events of Endgame, the Avengers can most likely pay the entire compensation they legally owe Zemo. That is if She-Hulk wins the case of course.

The Zealots – They Were Being Manipulated By Kaecilius & Dormammu

Zealots - MCU
Zealots – MCU

The Dark Lord has his ways of getting inside your head. Dormammu is a being who conquered an entire universe using the power of magic. The people who seek his power are forced to pay a terrible price. But most of them have no idea of what they are getting into. Even though the heavyweights like Kaecilius and the Ancient One knew the true cost of embracing Dormammu’s power, the Zealots were more or less just following orders.

We could say that they knew exactly what they were doing when they allowed Dormammu to invade their minds. But what they have done could come under acts being done because of external manipulation and influence and it would be enough grounds for them to get a posthumous exoneration, if not a full pardon by the courts.

The Power Broker – Was Unethically Kicked Out Of Service & They Never Called Her Back

Sharon Carter - Falcon & The Winter Soldier
Sharon Carter – Falcon & The Winter Soldier

Sharon Carter stood for the right thing. When Hydra took over SHIELD in Captain America: The Winter Soldier, it was Sharon Carter who led the uprising in Captain America’s behest inside the Triskelion. When Captain America asked her for her aid during Civil War, she helped him. One mistake and the government kicked her out, not acknowledging the fact that she had always done the right thing till now.

She-Hulk could represent Sharon carter as a case of wrongful dismissal. The intelligence agency she used to work for – the CIA, never cared about her past exemplary service. Sharon Carter could get enough monetary as well as non-monetary compensation from her previous employers should she decide to sue the government.

Ghost – SHIELD Used Her Like A Mercenary & Then Left Her For Dead

Ghost - Ava Starr She-Hulk

Ava Starr was just a kid when a quantum realm experiment gone wrong gave her the ability tp phase through matter and become invisible. But it also came at a great cost. Her body shifting states from one realm to another gave her an insurmountable amount of pain, one that meant she needed to get a cure as soon as possible. SHIELD took her in, realizing her phasing abilities could be put to use. They built her a containment suit and promised to ready a cure for her if she worked for them.

SHIELD collapsed at the end of Winter Soldier. If Nick Fury knew that Ava Starr aka Ghost was dying and they had promised her a cure then never intended to deliver, then Starr does have a case. She-Hulk could help her get justice.

Ivan Vanko – Stark Industries Stole The Arc Technology His Father Built

Ivan Vanko - MCU
Ivan Vanko – MCU

Ivan Vanko’s father – Anton Vanko, worked with Howard Stark. Together, they built a technology that became the very foundation of the iron Man suit. The arc reactor was a joint research venture between Howard Stark and Anton Vanko. But Howard later forced the authorities to deport Anton Vanko. Howard Stark built a fortune, the arc reactor technology becoming the solution to the world’s energy crisis. Anton Vanko and his family fell on hard times. Ivan Vanko is heir to a fortune his father would have  in terms of royalty that Stark Industries has not paid him yet.

She-Hulk could make a case on copyright infringement or Patent Law violations. There are hundreds of way she could have helped Ivan Vanko sue the single greatest technological company on the planet and made billions if he had won.



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