MCU’s Ego Isn’t Just A Celestial; But Something Far Worse!

Marvel Studios’ Eternals has now expanded the cosmic theater of the Marvel Cinematic Universe to the next level with the introduction of the giant beings called the Celestials. The Celestials have existed even before the birth of the Infinity Stones and are even responsible for the creation of many galaxies; and of course, the Eternals.

While this is the first time they have been shown on a large scale, this wasn’t the first time the  MCU’s heroes have encountered a Celestial being.  In the Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2, Ego the Living Planet claimed that he is a Celestial as well.

But a theory believes he is something much more dangerous.

Ever since Eternals has been released, Ego’s status as a Celestial has been questioned. There is no doubt that he’s a powerful cosmic being but his abilities do not match with those of the Celestials.

According to the theory of Redditor willyolio, they came up with the idea that Ego is actually a parasitic being. The theory also describes the Ego’s purpose as something similar to another parasitic being. The theory goes on to describe Ego’s purpose as something similar to another parasitic species in the Marvel Comics universe.

Eternals Celestials

According to the comics, the Horde acts as the opposition of the Celestials and appears on planets where the Deviant influence outmatches the Eternals. These creatures appear as insects and by definition, act as symbiotic creatures to the Celestials. That being said, their threat could also reach the Celestials themselves as they feed on the same energy the beings emit. It then becomes a race over who will obtain the most power first and claim the planet.

Ego doesn’t appear as an insectoid being but his motivations could be parallel to the Horde.


In the movie,  the Celestial life cycle established that the Eternals are placed on planets that contain the seed to a new Celestial. After centuries of feeding on the energy of a population and then it emerges from the planet and destroys it. Also, Ego’s motivations to spread his influence follow a similar school of thought to the Celestials.

In GOTG 2, Ego explained that he plants his own seeds on populated planets that offer identical energies to the ones Celestials look for. The theory goes on to add that Ego even chooses a world that Celestials have seeded so he can feed on the benefits its energy provides.

Guardians of the Galaxy 2

Thus, Ego isn’t a Celestial. But he is more like a parasite who follows the cosmic energy the Celestials leave behind.

And just like the Horde, whichever side gets more power first will be able to reap the benefits from the planet’s energies. This is why Ego has never met other Celestials because maybe they are all avoiding him due to his parasitic tendencies.

And there are no others like Ego that have been shown on the screen and that he could be the last of his kind which is also why he keeps on traveling to these Celestial seeded planets without knowing why.

That raises the question of whether Peter Quill is a half parasite or cured of that side of his DNA?

Of course, this theory is not confirmed but it does hint at how predators and prey exist in the MCU’s cosmic universe.

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