MCU’s Heroics will Triumph where the COMICS TRIPPED!!

The Marvel Cinematic Universe breaks new boundaries to further cement its place in history every year. At this point, the difficult task ahead of the MCU is keeping its momentum going for anywhere near as long as the comics, and to do that the MCU will need to pull off turning their characters into legacy heroes better than the comics ever did.

Birth of the Legacy Hero

Birth of the Legacy Hero
Not every Hero is Loved..!!

The idea of the legacy hero was an inevitability in the world of comics. After decades of pumping out multiple stories a month for some of their biggest names, it is only natural that the industry would do anything they could to change up the story. A new villain, a new power, a new love interest — those are all easy enough. To make a big change, sometimes you need a new hero altogether. That’s where the concept of the legacy hero comes in.

Major Difference between Comic and Movie

Major Difference between Comic and Movie
Comics V/S Movies

The whole reason that the comics employ the trope of legacy heroes is to keep things fresh and their audience engaged. As new characters played by new actors settle into the roles of Captain America and Black Widow, and as the upcoming She-Hulk and Ms. Marvel further continue the trend, it’s hard to imagine the steam will ever run out on the Marvel train.

DC shoves Marvel at this GAME!!

DC shoves Marvel at this GAME!!
DC always has Backup of Superheroes

DC Comics has always been more successful at the legacy hero than Marvel. When they wanted to use new versions of The Flash, DC would just introduce a new hero to pick up the mantle. Whereas Jay  Barry Allen and Hal Jordan could become the new stars and represent a more rebellious beatnik generation. The difficulty Marvel always had was in finding the right way to pass on the cape of one hero to their successor in a way fans would accept. No other Spider-Man ever lived up to the reputation of everyone’s favorite wall-crawler quite like Peter Parker, and no matter how many people wield Captain America’s shield, they never embody its spirit as much as Steve Rogers.

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