MCU’s Perfectly Executed Moments Of Humour.

Marvel Cinematic Universe is known for, its perfectly executed moments of comedy. Thor, the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s token himbo, has been a comedic juggernaut since the 2010s. Though heroes like Thor and Star-Lord have bigger funny edits than most fans realize.

Fans are sharing the most hilarious scenes from the Avengers films and pointing out details that make these scenes even funnier. The MCU can be a little extra, and more than a little noxious, but nothing bonds fans together like dark humour and harmless jokes. Take a look below and tell us your favourite moment!


1. Not Wrong!

ldrinkh20 / Twitter


2. I Need A Hero

ttrice01 / Pinterest


3. Yummy Panini

icur2whyz / Pinterest


4. So Many P’s

madmadmilk / Tumblr


5. I don’t Care

armindoferreira / Pinterest


6. Great speeches

GauravGummaraju / Reddit


7. Billionaire Problems

fierce-noise / Tumblr


8. Could’ve Been BBF

PersonInWorld / Pinterest


9. Should I Be Scared? Or Should I Laugh?

natasharomanoff / Twitter


10. Donkey!

jediknight13 / Pinterest


11. I Always Did Think It Was Kinda Similar

apollo-and-r.tumblr / Tumblr


12. No Harm!

ingedew / Pinterest


13. I Mean He Did

starshine006 / Pinterest


14. I Am Groot

jinseunie / Tumblr


15. One Of Fury’s Many Underrated Lines

baseball_dragon / Pinterest


16. Oh, Wait, It’s Me

eldabrey / Pinterest


17. On Point!

natiepie234 / Pinterest


18. Respectful Appreciation

incompletesong / Tumblr


19. Sparkles!

babsandadam / Pinterest


20. He Was Definitely Trolling!

ashikabanerjee / Pinterest
Prachee Mishra
Prachee Mishra

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