Meet Marvel’s Green Lantern: New Hero Who’s Beaten Inhumans, Celestials & Now Thanos To A Pulp

The comic books can be a very weird place for a comic book fan. Sometimes they gives us legendary story arcs like The Infinity Gauntlet. And then there are times where the stories they say are so out of whack they make us question reality. The new Marvel comic book arc Heroes Reborn falls into that same topsy-turvy category. Apart from flipping the Marvel Comic Book Universe upside down, it has created a whole new timeline for all our favorite Marvel characters. And it is in this arc that we get to meet Marvel’s very own Green Lantern. Marvel’s newest superhero in town is extremely powerful. So much so that even Thanos the Mad Titan just encountered his most humiliating defeat after facing him.

Heroes Reborn – The Parallel Universe You Do Not Want To be In

In the Heroes Reborn universe, the Marvel Comic Book universe took a different route. Many of the greatest Marvel superheroes never became heroes. So the world had to entertain a new breed of superheroes completely unrelated to the Avengers. Instead of the Avengers, the superhero team that took over for them was Squadron Supreme. The team is actually an analogue of DC’s Justice League, with each member being a pastiche of a Justice League superhero.

And for Green Lantern, Marvel found their answer in Squadron Supreme’s Doctor Spectrum. In the Heroes Reborn reality, Thanos is the archenemy of Doctor Spectrum. When the Mad Titan challenges the hero to a duel, Doctor Spectrum shows just how big of a mistake Thanos just committed.

The Mad Titan comes prepared. he has in his possession the Infinity Rings. The Infinity Rings are a combination of the Infinity Stones and DC’s Power Rings. One for each finger, Thanos is a God amongst mortals. The Infinity Rings allows Thanos to create gigantic constructs to defeat his foes. Doctor Spectrum’s Power Prism also grants similar abilities, making the two perfect enemies. But things do not go acoording to plan for Thanos. Doctor Spectrum, who is much more experienced in handling energy constructs, easily blasts the Infinity Rings out of Thanos’ hand.

As his right arm is blasted away by Doctor Prism, Thanos is shown to be in an intense, mother of all pains. As the fingers that once used to be a part of his hand fly away to in all directions, Thanos realizes the error of his ways. Doctor Spectrum is ruthless and clinically brutal in his ways. He does not leave anything to chance, using maximum force to end the fight as soon as possible. The Squadron Supreme member is a force of nature.

Doctor Spectrum Reveals Just How Powerful He Is

It is then that Doctor Spectrum reveals why Thanos challenging him was the latter’s biggest mistake. Spectrum mentions that before their little fight, he has had encounters with beings way more powerful than him. He has torn the head off of a Celestial’s body, creating Knowhere. The head now acts as his personal space prison he uses to hold his strongest enemies captive. In addition to the celestials, the other opponents he has vanquished include Beta Ray Bill, the Inhumans, and even the Super Skrull.

In the latter part of the issue, Doctor Spectrum defeats Ego the Living Planet and Rocket Raccoon, who was powered by the Starbrand.

The buck does not stop there. Marvel’s Doctor Spectrum proves to be what DC’s Green lantern could never be – unhinged and calculative at the same time. Doctor Spectrum states that outer space is a savage and brutal frontier. Humanity never knows what lies within the dark abyss of the void. So he needs to do whatever he can to keep mankind safe. His brutality is evident from the fact that he tortured Rocket Raccoon to death. By holding his body in front of a supernova, Spectrum watched as Rocket’s body literally disintegrated under intense heat.

Spectrum is not the only hero of his world who is so ultra-violent in his tactics. Doctor Spectrum’s fellow heroes in Squadron Supreme are equally vindictive and violent. Hyperion, Marvel’s Superman, flew through the head of Galactus, killing him in a split second. That was just the second issue of Heroes Reborn. To deal with the hulk, Hyperion used his laser beams to kill the Hulk and out an end to his rampage.

The Heroes Reborn universe gives us a rather dark take on the Marvel Comic Book Universe. Without the Avengers, who knows what else Doctor Spectrum is going to do to protect his precious order.

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