‘Meghan Markle could very possibly be CIA’: Crazy Conspiracy Theory Convinces Internet – Claims Duchess of Sussex Infiltrated British Royal Family To Sow Seeds of Discord

Meghan Markle vs the royal family is a saga that keeps on giving. The world was swept by surprise when Prince Harry and Markle announced their wedding in 2018. There were heavy speculations about a POC marrying into one of the most prominent and powerful families in history. How would she fare, how would she adjust to the lifestyle, will she be accepted, the list went on. Flash forward several years, its not going too well so far. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex ended up separating from the family and leaving the continent altogether. The reason? Markle’s alleged racist mistreatment at the hands of her in-laws.

Lately however, her claims are getting way too out of pocket, and her early empathizers are slowly leaving her high and dry. There is only so much clout one can raise from the same sob story. But there are people who think that the Suits alum might be onto something really, really big. It’s a wild conspiracy theory but not too wild to be discarded completely…

Meghan Markle, a CIA agent?

A conspiracy theory suggest that Meghan Markle is a CIA agent

Meghan Markle has always made one thing clear through her words. She is not one to be typecast or constrained. She claims herself to be a social activist, a talented entertainer, a possible diplomat, among many other things, but most of all – an intellectual.

There are, however, some people who think that despite being so many things, the Dater’s Handbook actress might be something entirely else in essence.

Comedian Tim Dillon proposed the possibility of the Duchess of Sussex being a CIA agent back in 2021. According to him, she passes all the hallmarks of espionage.

The conspiracy theories got quite some thumbs up

Meghan Markle
Meghan Markle, a secret agent?

Dillon took to Twitter to share his two cents on this highly unlikely yet intriguing possibility that Markle is actually an “access agent” for the USA who was deliberately sent into the British royal family to dig up stuff and also bring the prince to America. No one can know if the former happened, but the latter sure did. What’s more, is that Dillon tweeted the theory merely a couple of days after the bombshell Oprah interview aired. It seemed apparent to him that the relentless attempt to decimate the royal family could very well have some national fervor about it.

Meghan Markle and the royal family
Was it all a ruse?

The whole thing could be nothing but a joke, Dillon is a comedian, after all. But it is the part where numerous people are actually nodding their heads while scratching their brows, that gives traction to the theory.

It is not surprising to see followers of this theory, as people have followed through on yet wilder conspiracy theories like QAnon.

And while this is most likely just a jibe at both Markle and the British royals, it can’t be ignored that this theory did not turn out to be entirely a fluke. A Meghan Markle and Prince Harry Netflix docuseries (if not a dance competition) is indeed on its way. And the fear of what unwelcome infamy this series might bring for the royal family, sources say the members are terribly anxious.

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Source: Twitter

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