Meghan Markle, Prince Harry’s Jet-setting Lifestyle Reportedly Making Them Go Broke Despite Rumored $150M Payout From Anti-Royal Family Deals

The world-known couple, Suits actress Meghan Markle and U.K’s Prince Harry are allegedly struggling to make ends meet with their lives in the US after leaving their duties in the Royal Family behind. The Sussexes have ‘Massive Expenses’ after the royal exit, their marriage is put to the test. Three years ago, they lost an estimated $5.5 million in royal income when they made the controversial move to quit their duties in 2020, announcing their plans to become financially independent. Plus, their taxes are sky-high and they still have a jet-setting lifestyle, although more private.

Princess Dianna left Harry £20million in inheritance when she died
Princess Dianna left Harry £ 20 million in inheritance when she died Read More:

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The Former Royal Couple is Having Money Problems

An insider has shared with Radar Online, about Prince Harry’s struggle to make ends meet. They revealed, “he wants privacy, but he’s willing to do anything to stay in the spotlight to get more money rolling in,” about their financial situation, claiming his relationship with Meghan Markle “may depend on it”

The Royal couple has made a small fortune from their six-part Netflix series — part of a $100 million deal — and his Spare book contract for $20 million. There’s also the couple’s $30 million podcast payout from Spotify to consider, which is surely helping.

The Duke and Duchess have raked it in since moving to the US. Following their Oprah Winfrey interview (which they were not paid for), a string of lucrative deals and jobs followed. But despite the wealth, all these projects have brought the Sussexes, relations with Prince Harry’s family appear to have never been worse.

Meghan Markle with Prince Harry
Meghan Markle with Prince Harry

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Prince Harry’s Inheritance from the Royal family

Duke’s personal wealth before meeting the former actress was derived from the estimated £ 20 million inheritance from his mother Princess Diana. Prior to stepping down from Royal duties in 2020, The prince received money from his father’s estate – the Duchy of Cornwall estate. This colossal pot of money, estimated at £ 1 billion is considered a public asset because it has been gifted to the heir to the throne by every British monarch since 1337.

Prince Harry and Markle enjoyed many freebies whilst they were fully paid-up members of the firm including accommodation and security. But despite his funds, the prince would go on to claim that he and Markle had been left to start their life with nothing in the US.

When they announced they were stepping down as working royals, the couple pledged in a statement that they wanted to become “financially independent while continuing to support Her Majesty The Queen.”

Dutch and Dutchess of Sussex with their son Archie
Dutch and Duchess of Sussex with their son Archie

The Duchess of Sussex also described her ‘pain’ that officials had denied her firstborn son the title of prince and accused Buckingham Palace of failing to protect Archie by denying him 24/7 security.

Since quitting the firm and heading over to the US, Duke and Duchess’ joint bank account has been boosted to the tune of £ 100 million – despite their increasingly diminished popularity.

With the cash rolling in, it is possible that the couple has paid off some or all the loans, but it’s not clear based on US records.

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Source: Radar Online

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