“Meghan was not as cool”: Comedian Rebel Wilson Didn’t Find Meghan Markle as Cool as She Thought the Duchess of Sussex Would Be

When it comes to people showering their views on the British royals, there is hardly ever a shortage of them. Especially Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, these two get hounded by the media non-stop. The success of the Duchess of Sussex has faced much more scrutiny for her actions and pretty much everything she does. Proving how easily their names are dragged into the public, actress Rebel Wilson also recently shared her thoughts about meeting Markle. And the Pitch Perfect star did not have any warm words to share about the Duchess. However, following that, many fans took to Twitter to express their thoughts on it. And the people seemed to have a divided reaction to Wilson’s answers.

Rebel Wilson Shares Her Experience Meeting Meghan Markle For the First Time

Rebel Wilson
Rebel Wilson

Nowadays, the Sussexes are everywhere with their Netflix docuseries and Prince Harry’s memoir. With so many revelations, naturally, their names should be plastered all over the internet. The couple has been a topic of discussion among many. And recently Hollywood actor Rebel Wilson also gave her opinion on the Sussex couple. While appearing on the Live! with Andy Cohen, the Pitch Perfect star shared how her first time meeting with Prince Harry and Markle went down. Wilson did not hold back from giving out her honest opinion. Talking about the Suits alum, the comedy actress said,

Meghan was not as cool. She wasn’t as naturally warm,” 

However, she did further add why Markle’s reaction could have been like that. According to Wilson, her mother had straight up asked the Duchess of Sussex about her kids. With that, the Senior Year star explained that Markle’s cold reaction was justifiable. Furthermore, Wilson’s view on meeting Prince Harry was different. She expressed he had been the opposite and could not have been nicer.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry
Meghan Markle and Prince Harry

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Fans also had lots to say about this. Many took to Twitter with various reactions to what Wilson had to say. Wrote criticized the actress saying,

Talking about Meghan Markle negatively because she doesn’t respond to rude questions?”

While another agreed with Wilson and wrote

“I believe her. She has good judgment. Meghan Markle is a narcissist.”

Just like that, the internet is always divided about the personality of the Duchess of Sussex.

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Rebel Wilson Once Mocked the Sussex couple

Rebel Wilson
Rebel Wilson

For those who may not know, it was not the first time Rebel Wilson mentioned the Sussexes in public. Back in 2021, at the BAFTA awards, she mocked Prince Harry and Meghan Markle while giving out the nominations. She said how the couple’s Oprah interview did not make it into the nominations.

However, instead of it being just a matter of fact, she joked about it. Which seems to have been a bit unnecessary.

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Source: Page Six

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