Mel’s Baby: The Virgin River Fan Theory That Will Change Everything

The most significant cliffhanger in the “Virgin River” Season 3 finale featured Mel (Alexandra Breckenridge) and Jack (Martin Henderson). Season 3 saw their relationship go through a lot of growing pains, leading both sides to wonder if they were actually destined to be together. While the pair started out strong at the start of the season, cracks began to appear as Jack dealt with the demands of being engaged in Charmaine’s pregnancy as the father of her children. Mel sought to imagine a future with Jack while still recovering from the pain she was experiencing in Season 2. That vision included having a kid, which overwhelmed Jack and caused him to abruptly quit their relationship. Mel was devastated by the break-up, feeling punished for being vulnerable to the guy she loved, and immediately went to Los Angeles to work through the break-up with her sister.

Mel investigated the prospect of having a kid on her own while in Los Angeles. During her brief stay, she scheduled an appointment with the IVF clinic where she had attempted to conceive a baby with her late husband Mark just a year or two before. Viewers of “Virgin River” didn’t get to witness how the appointment went, but Mel was noticeably changed when she returned to Virgin River. After an awkward reunion with Jack, the two went on a twilight stroll together and tentatively discussed their future. Mel confessed she was pregnant and didn’t know the father of the kid at this point, only seconds before Jack intended to propose. The subject of who fathered Mel’s child — Jack or the embryos Mel tucked away with Mark — will be addressed in “Virgin River” Season 4, but the fact that it’s even a topic of debate is a source of annoyance among the show’s viewers. According to one fan hypothesis, there is only one logical explanation “Virgin River” can provide viewers with, and it would actually emphasize how terrible the cliffhanger is in the process.

One Reddit fan theory says the paternity of Mel’s baby is more obvious than you think:

Following the release of “Virgin River” Season 3 on Netflix, Reddit member u/caitieb123 posted their hypothesis regarding Mel’s baby’s father. They were first irritated by Mel’s claim that she would get pregnant with Mark’s embryo right away, because, as they pointed out, the IVF technique seldom results in near-instant pregnancy outcomes. Instead, the IVF process is gruelling — something Mel is all too familiar with, having gone through it with Mark a few years ago — and necessitates extensive physical preparation. u/caitieb123 ended their theory-argument combo by stating that “[Mel] was in L.A. for, like, three days and got the idea while she was there,” and that they “believe she’s pregnant with Jack’s baby, at least I hope so.” Redditor u/QuietTulip agreed with u/hypothesis, Caitieb123’s writing, “I definitely hope it’s Jack’s.” One, Mel’s in vitro situation was implausible. Second, I don’t want the problems that would arise if the kid wasn’t Jack’s. There’s a lot of baby drama going on. Please, no more. ” u/Low Razzmatazz 7023 contributed to the hypothesis while bringing up the very fair point that “[Mel] reportedly couldn’t get pregnant after undergoing IVF with Mark.” That’s what they were arguing over at the time of the deadly accident. I’m having another round of IVF. ‘Round’ is a keyword. You don’t just go in and perform IVF! ” They went on to say that “Virgin River” made a point of showcasing Mel and Jack sleeping together throughout Season 3.

Will this fan theory turn out to be true on Virgin River Season 4?

“Virgin River’s” literature seldom prioritizes reality during the course of its three seasons. Characters move easily and rapidly into and out of major, life-altering events, whether it’s disposing of a dead corpse and going on with one’s life or getting engaged after just knowing someone for a few weeks. In the case of Mel and Jack, it stands to reason that they would be confronted with the unbelievable enigma surrounding the paternity of Mel’s long-awaited baby. Setting up the dilemma of whether the father is Mark (through a frozen embryo) or Jack would add stress to the couple’s still-healing relationship and weight to Jack’s ongoing problems with becoming a parent. However, as one Reddit fan theory and the subsequent comments emphasize, there is only one reasonable solution to the cliffhanger. Even if “Virgin River” stays partly accurate (rather than totally realistic) in its depiction of Mel’s resumed IVF journey, there is no way she could get pregnant one or two weeks after the appointment in Los Angeles. If “Virgin River” does not pick an explanation for this specific cliffhanger that corresponds with this fan hypothesis, it will be a jaw-dropper unlike any other Netflix series to date.

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