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Spider-Man is back after Disney and Sony came to an agreement, and fans are excited about the future of the franchise. One small problem waiting for Peter Parker in the next film is how he’s going to deal with J. Jonah Jameson now that the entire world knows his secret. 

The meme explained

J.K. Simmons from raimimemes

The meme has a picture of J.K. Simmons laughing in costume and text under that reads: “When you own a role so much that the first reboot doesn’t show your character and the second reboot straight up brings you back.” The feeling is really true, Simmons injected Jameson with a ton of life and he’s a very memorable part of Sam Rami’s Spider-Man films. But, everything isn’t exactly the same for the character in this recent film.

Co-writer talks about it

For co-writer Chris McKenna the ideas “came together pretty quickly,” once they came to the conclusion of exposing Peter Parker’s double life.

“I don’t know if it was [director Jon] Watts or someone else who said, ‘It should be the Daily Bugle, and it should be J. Jonah Jameson.’ That idea has been lingering around since Homecoming: How do we insert our new version of J. Jonah?”

Erik Sommers shares his views

Tom Holland as Spiderman
Tom Holland as Spiderman

Erik Sommers and his co-writer initially considered having Mysterio expose Spider-Man during the London battle in the chaos of the finale. The ending scene was altered for that instantly memorable mid-credits scene to preserve shock value.

“There had already been some interest in possibly using J.K. Simmons when we brought J. Jonah back.  So once it was decided that we were going to reveal Peter’s identity at the very end instead of the final battle.  It was very natural that J. Jonah would be involved,” Sommers said.

Quentin Beck has been a master of deception in the entire film.

“Something that had been floating through this entire movie was the idea of ‘fake news’ and how can you believe everything you see?” McKenna continued.

“It’s a little less comic-book — we’re taking him in a slightly different direction. But we’re excited that if this continues on and we get to work on the next one, hopefully, it’ll involve a lot of J.K.”

Source: Comicbook, Simplenews


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