“Men are trash, It doesn’t matter who you are”: Emily Ratajkowski Hints She Wanted to Reconcile With Estranged Husband Before He Crossed Lines

Emily Ratajkowski is one of the prettiest women alive. Countless men have a crush on her. However, in a grotesque turn of events, her husband apparently cheated on her with many other women. This infidelity broke the model’s heart, and she went on an epic rant to vent her pain and anger. In a podcast appearance, she spoke her mind and also gave marriage advice to her fans. Ratajkowski spoke at length about her painful experiences and reflected on her relationship with producer Sebastian Bear-McClard. The Gone Girl star felt relieved after separating from her husband and accused him of gaslighting. Her latest comments offer an intriguing insight into her disastrous marriage.

Emily Ratajkowski Reveals Her Ex, Sebastian Bear-McClard’s Infidelity Rumors

Emily Ratajkowski
Emily Ratajkowski

From dating A-listers to shading her estranged husband for his infidelity rumors, Emily Ratajkowski is making noise in the media with the news of her divorce. The actress is currently enjoying her singlehood. Recently, she hinted that her former partner Sebastian Bear McClard cheated on her.

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In the last few months since her separation from McLard, she has dated Pete Davidson, Brad Pitt, DJ Orazio Rispo, and Eric André, among others.

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It’s been almost nine months since the American model separated from her husband. She spilled details of her dating life on the recent episode of Dear Media’s Going Mental With Eileen Kelly podcast.

Emily Ratajkowski Destroys Her Estranged Husband in an Epic Rant

Emily Ratajkowski

For the unversed, Emily filed for divorce from her ex, Sebastian Bear-McClard, last year in September 2022. The mom of one shared that her son is the reason why she didn’t publicly speak about the split. Ratajkowski told the host,

“We’re not officially divorced, so for privacy and legal reasons and all that, I can’t talk about it either.”

She continued,

“But I think one day I will talk about it. I am somebody where that’s how I process things. I think I’ll probably write about it if anything.”

When the former couple announced the news of their divorce last year, there were rumors doing rounds on the internet that the model’s ex-husband was cheating on her. The show’s host brought up the same topic during the podcast. Ratajkowski responds without directly confirming,

“It was so interesting that was the reaction to the news because I was just like…men are trash, ladies! It doesn’t matter who you are or how perfect you are or whatever.”

The Gone Girl actress further confessed that it took her a while to make the decision of separation with her former fiance, Bear McClard.

Emily Ratajkowski confessed that leaving Sebastian Bear-McClard was hard

Sebastian Bear-McClard with Emily Ratajkowski

The multi-talented actress shared how she came up with the decision to file for divorce from her ex-fiance. She told the podcast host,

“I had lines; I was very willing to stay for a lot of things, but there are certain things I’m a very off and on person. I will literally sit with people I love  friends, family, whatever for so long, and if there’s a line that’s crossed, I’m like…ok, I’m out.” 

She continued,

“For me, that was so clear in my marriage, and it just became clearer and clearer and clearer. Which was good. It was really validating and helped me come back to myself in a way that was beautiful and positive.”

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Emily Ratajkowski filed for divorce from Sebastian Bear-McClard in September 2022, two months after they broke the news of their split on the internet. The former couple tied the knot in February 2018.

Source: Going Mental with Eileen Kelly Podcast: Emily Ratajkowski Episode


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