“Men can see her as ideal girlfriend and wife material”: Emily Ratajkowski isn’t The Dream Girlfriend for Pete Davidson, Expert Explains Why Pete Davidson’s Relationship is Bound to Fail

Emily Ratajkowski and Pete Davidson are being romantically linked ever last month and left several hints about their rumored romance. Though nothing has been confirmed as of yet, many are excited about the alleged new couple given the fact that the duo has freshly come out of their relationship. After her divorce, the former was linked with a few other celebrities however her rumored new beau looks like not a good choice for her.

Pete Davidson and Emily Ratajkowski
Pete Davidson and Emily Ratajkowski

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According to recent reports, the duo might not be compatible with each other, especially considering a long-term relationship in mind. The reason behind their bad match was explained by a behavioral psychologist.

Why Emily Ratajkowski is Everyone’s Dreamgirl?

Emily Ratajkowski
American model Emily Ratajkowski

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The 30-year-old supermodel, Emily Ratajkowski is one of the most popular celebrities in the Hollywood industry all thanks to her hard work. A behavioral psychologist, and relationship expert, Jo Hemmings shared with The Sun about the characteristics which make her special from other celebrities.

“She has a very grounded and authentic quality to her, eschewing a lot of the shallowness and public excesses of other stars, especially those that began their careers so early.”

Not just her personality, but the psychologist also threw light on her writing career, stating, “Her recent bestselling book, My Body, is deeply honest, whip-smart in its observation and analysis, raw, and intelligent.” 

Sharing the fact that celebrity autobiographies sometimes “over-skim the surface” or be written by a ghostwriter however her memoir has a genuine feeling.

She further added, “Men can see her as ideal girlfriend and wife material — almost flawless (though she’d be the first to admit she’s not in her rather lovely self-deprecating way) in looks and personality.”

She finally shared about her personality type, which according to Myers-Briggs personality types, is an ISFP (introverted, sensing, feeling, perceiving) personality type.

Will Emily Ratajkowski’s New Beau Pete Davidson be a Good Match for Her?

Pete Davidson with Emily Ratajkowski
Pete Davidson with Emily Ratajkowski

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Hemmings’s explanation of the model’s personality type being ISFP makes her love life quite challenging.

She explained, “She takes pleasure in sensuality, likes an uncomplicated life, and is naturally reserved, introspective, and kind.” This type generally gets attracted to “people who express themselves easily” and “are not afraid to show their feelings.”

Given her personality, her ideal personality type “is someone who is easy-going, understanding, authentic, and who won’t put any undue pressure on them.”

She would be more compatible with an ENFJ (extraverted, intuitive, feeling, judging) or an ESFJ (extraverted, sensing, feeling, judging) as per the expert.

However, the comedian, Pete Davidson doesn’t fall into any of these categories. Being an ENFP (extraverted, intuitive, feeling, perceiving), he is “someone who may turn out to overthink or be a little hypersensitive for the more chilled Emily.”

This may affect her relationship in the long term however the actress rather focuses on living in the moment as per the expert which is why she may feel happy with him for now.

Source: The Sun

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