Michael B Jordan Does Not Regret Not Having Sylvester Stallone in Creed 3, Says He Wanted to Focus More on Adonis Creed

Since its debut in 2015, the Creed film series has been a success, with Michael B. Jordan playing Adonis Creed, the son of Apollo Creed, Rocky Balboa’s former foe who became his friend. The films have maintained the heritage of the Rocky franchise and gained new admirers for the underdog narrative.

Creed III (2023)

The third Creed movie was recently released in theatres, but Sylvester Stallone’s well-known Rocky Balboa was conspicuously absent. Many speculated about this absence, but little is actually known.

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The Importance of Rocky Balboa and Michael B. Jordan’s Justification

From the debut of the first Rocky film in 1976, Rocky Balboa has inspired the whole Rocky franchise. The legendary tale of the character’s ascent from the bottom to the top has come to represent the American dream. Rocky has become a cultural icon because of how well people worldwide have related to his difficulties and victories. Therefore, fans’ disappointment at Rocky’s exclusion from the most recent Creed film is understandable.

Jordan stated,

“I want Adonis to stand on his own two feet. In order to do that, we had to go into the past. What were those transformative years, those childhood traumas that shaped [Adonis] today? I think the room for this story was really about Adonis Creed moving forward with his family, and having him move forward. That’s kind of how we rolled out the story for this one.”

Creed 3

Jordan also mentioned Rocky Balboa’s significance to the franchise, saying,

“Sly and Rocky’s DNA is through this entire franchise. You can’t have these movies [without that]. That underdog spirit, I think, connects the underdog in all of us. I think what we love about these movies so much is that we see somebody that’s going through hardships, that’s able to rise from the ashes and reach the mountaintop, and we connect with that. For us, we connect with characters that can do the same, and that’s what we want to do with Adonis Creed.”

Michael B. Jordan explained Rocky’s absence from the third installment during an interview with HOT97. He clarified that Rocky Balboa’s legacy should not interfere with Adonis Creed’s story or his path.

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Rocky Balboa’s absence and the Focus on Adonis Creed

Fans’ reactions to Rocky’s absence from Creed 3 have been divided. Some applaud letting Adonis Creed stand alone, while others believe the series cannot continue without Rocky. It’s crucial to understand that Rocky Balboa is still alive in the series, despite his absence.

Stallone has previously expressed his desire to play Rocky Balboa once more. Also, he thanked Jordan for the popularity of Creed 3 on social media and suggested that the character might appear again.

 Release Date Delayed to 2023 - Variety
Michael B. Jordan and Sylvester Stallone

Adonis Creed’s career as a fighter, parent, and spouse are the main subjects of Creed 3. The story focuses on Adonis’s history and how it influenced who he is today. As the protagonist reunites with a childhood friend who holds the key to his history, his childhood trauma is a significant storyline component. Jonathan Majors portrays Adonis’s boyhood friend Damian Anderson in the motion picture. Majors, a rookie in the franchise, has received accolades for his work.

With Anderson’s role, the franchise has explored Adonis’s background more and brought a new level of complexity to the narrative.

Finding ways to keep the plot exciting and compelling for viewers is one of the challenges of producing a sequel. The emphasis on Adonis and his connections in Creed 3 helps it do this. The dynamics between Adonis, his wife Bianca, and their daughter Amara are examined throughout the film. Also, it explores his relationship with Rocky Balboa, who, although not physically present in the movie, significantly impacts Adonis’s life.

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