Michael B. Jordan Reveals Why He Thinks Killmonger Isn’t a Villain In Black Panther

Some MCU characters stay in a fine line between good and evil and although there isn’t a concrete answer to it, Michael B. Jordan has made it quite clear which side he thinks Killmonger from Black Panther stands.

Michael B. Jordan Feels That ‘Killmonger was a necessary part of the conversation’

Killmonger in Black Panther
Killmonger in Black Panther

When the actor was asked by Bleacher Report why he felt that Killmonger wasn’t a villain, he replied by explaining that Killmonger was like T’Challa in the sense that he did have a vision and people did care about him. Although the two thought a bit differently, they were like pieces of a puzzle that needed to be put together to open the world for a conversation about oppression.  “I think he was a necessary part of the conversation,” Jordan replied. “I think he cared about his people just as much as T’Challa. He just had a different way of going about getting it done.” The Black Panther actor later added, “And I don’t think’ his argument was completely wrong. I don’t think T’Challa’s argument was completely wrong. I think it was a necessary conversation that needed to be had.”

The actor also stated that Killmonger was actually a smart graduate from MIT, who had been studying the ways of the world for long and decided to fight to change what he thought was so wrong in it. “I think he was a historian that studied history — the history of government and oppression,” Jordan said. “And Erik’s a really smart guy — MIT graduate. The guy is very intelligent and he saw that there was really only one way to change things so he went about that.”

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Killmonger Will Return In Black Panther Sequel

Black Panther (2018)
Black Panther (2018)

Killmonger debuted in Black Panther as a child orphaned by King T’Chaka and was raised to search for the liberation of black people, who suffered oppression and racial prejudice. To help them get freed and conquer, Killmonger makes his way to Wakanda and wins the right to rule in a trial by combat against T’Challa and tried to send Wakandan technology to operatives across the world. Although he gets defeated eventually, his actions inspired T’Challa to open Wakanda to other nations.

The entire controversy around Killmonger’s morality was brought up in the 6th episode of What If…? where fans got to see a bit more of his military background and a universe where he heroically saves Iron Man from the Ten Rings. The episode also got many Killmonger fans excited about his return as rumors also suggest that he will return in Black Panther: Wakanda Forever.

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever will release on November 11, 2022.

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