Michael Jackson had attempted to Buy Marvel in the 90s

Michael Jackson is well known for his iconic songs. With songs like Beat It, Smooth Criminal, and Black or White topping the Billboard charts, the singer is one of the all-time greats.

Unfortunately, he is no longer with us. But, recently, his name is creating a buzz in the Holywood industry. The most exciting part is about Marvel.

An unknown story: MJ and Marvel

If things would have gone in MJ’s way, then we might have called him Spider-Man! Looks like a piece of shocking news, right?

Jackson has always entertained his fans with his music, but no one has ever wondered that he could have been one of the most popular superheroes! Think about MJ fighting! All buzz about MJ has been brought up by Taj Jackson, MJ’s nephew.

According to Taj, Stan Lee revealed discussions with MJ regarding his desire to produce and play the role of Spider-Man. Taj later cited that the megastar wished to buy Marvel with Stan Lee. Although this never happened, and they were shut down from doing that.

MJ’s desire for a role

Taj revealed that besides wanting to play the role of Spider-Man, MJ was a big fan of Marvel. He also admitted that he was facing difficulties in picturing his late uncle in the role of a superhero.

Although he, later on, added that he was very much excited about it. Apart from describing his uncle’s wishes, he stated that MJ was a huge movie fan and would have loved all the characters coming up together.

Flashback on Stan’s statements

After the unfortunate death of the King of Pop in 2009, Stan Lee had opened up about MJ’s desire to make a Spider-Man movie. Although Stan had stated that he never knew if he wished to produce to act as the lead character, their conversation was never implemented.

Further, he recalled that Jackson thought Stan was the guy who could have given him the rights to produce Spider-Man. Therefore, if things had proceeded in MJ’s way, he would have been the Spider-Man!

Have a look at the trailer of Spider-Man: Far From Home,


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