Michael Jackson’s 92 Year Old Mom Katherine Wants Son’s Confidential Legal Records Sealed So That it Doesn’t Destroy King of Pop’s Legendary Legacy

Michael Jackson was a legend and a pop star. The King of Pop has been a controversial figure over the years. Many pieces of information after his death resurfaced shedding a not-so-good spotlight on him. With numerous severe allegations and controversies, people are now doubting if their idol is at all to be worshipped. Recently, sources found out that the mother of the famous singer has asked the court to keep some documents under wraps. Katherine Jackson is now 92 years of age and it pains her to see her son’s legacy tainted.

Michael Jackson
Michael Jackson

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Katherine Jackson requests the court to seal sensitive documents about Michael Jackson

Michal Jackson is one of the most significant figures when it comes to the entertainment industry. The personality influenced millions during his reign. Thus, after his passing, his family is still under the public light. The lawyer representing his estate said,

“Because of Michael’s fame, his surviving family remains in the public eye, facing intense media scrutiny. The family’s affairs are reported in tabloids and spread across the internet “

The document is said to be containing “sensitive information regarding Ms. Jackson’s family and private life.” And thus, in order to prevent the “sensitive information being widely disseminated in the media,” Katherine Jackson has filed an objection containing seven long pages.

Michael Jackson and his mother Katherine Jackson
Michael Jackson and his mother Katherine Jackson

The motion against which the objection was filed by John Branca and John McClain on November 16 of the previous year. An insider stated, they also asked the court to approve a transaction stating,

“now have an opportunity which they believe is to the substantial advantage of the Estate and in the best interest of the beneficiaries.”

The beneficiaries are his mother Katherine Jackson, and his three children.

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Katherine Jackson has now been excused from speaking about her son’s last days

This is not the first time Michael Jackson’s mother Katherine Jackson has been in news regarding his estate.

As of public knowledge, this is not the only court battle the estate is facing. It is also in legal combat with Jeffree Phillips. Allegedly, LaToya, Jackson’s ex-fiance stole a private letter written by Prince Jackson to the star, although that’s not the only thing he has been accused of stealing. Reportedly, he was also accused of stealing $1 million worth of valuable possessions from the megastar following his death. Therefore, Katherine Jackson wanted to throw him off the list.

Katherine Jackson
Katherine Jackson

Recently, the judge of said ongoing case instructed that it would not be compulsory for the pop star’s mother to sit in the deposition to talk about the instances which happened in Michael Jackson’s final days given her age and mental state.

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Source: Radar Online

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