Michael Jackson’s Family Thanks Will Smith For Slapping Chris Rock at Oscars: “Chris Rock has used my family as punching bags”

Comedian Chris Rock is out in the world again with his Netflix stand-up show. From the previews and clips available online, it is clear that he will be touching on many topics of pop culture. From his own Oscar Slap Gate incident to the Meghan Markle and the British royal family drama. Although the jokes are all done for fun, however, it seems a specific joke concerning the late Michael Jackson has not sat well with one of his family members.

The pop icon’s nephew Taj Jackson called out Rock via social media and criticized him for using his family’s name as a “punching bag”. He clearly stated what he felt was off about the whole thing in the tweet.

Taj Jackson Slams Chris Rock For Including His Late Uncle In His Comedy Show

Taj Jackson
Taj Jackson

After more than five months since the Oscar slap incident occurred, Chris Rock made a comeback with his new Netflix stand-up show Selective Outrage. And as the name suggests, he will be talking and making jokes on “selective outrages” mostly. From the preview of the show, his comedy centers around a lot of pop culture events that have taken place in the past years.  Rock can be seen saying that people were selectively outraged at R. Kelly. For those unversed, Kelly has a history of abuse allegations against him. He is a s*x offender charged with child pornography.

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Chris Rock
Chris Rock

Taking this, Rock joked about people being selective as most would listen to Michael Jackson but not R. Kelly. Following this, Jackson’s nephew Taj Jackson took to Twitter to defend his late uncle. He started by calling the Netflix show a “Retaliation- I’m Still Relevant special”. And then criticized him for harassing the late Beat it singer by tweeting,

Chris Rock has used my family as punching bags for his entire career.”

Furthermore, he mentioned the Oscars slap incident as well and tweeted asking how he was supposed to feel bad about it when Rock used his family member as part of his jokes. Somehow, even if things are said in the name of humor, it always has a chance of offending someone.

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What More Has Been Mentioned in Netflix’s Selective Outrage?

Chris Rock
Chris Rock

Chris Rock dragged Will Smith in his latest Netflix stand-up Selective Outrage. The comedian joked about watching Emancipation just to see Smith get beaten. The movie is about an escaped slave in the 1800s Louisiana.  The After Earth actor has apologized for his action against Rock but the comedian doesn’t seem to budge. It has become a big pop culture moment of 2022.

Furthermore, Chris Rock also made fun of Meghan Markle for going into the royal family and then complaining about racism.

Selective Outrage is available for streaming on Netflix.

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