General Zod Actor Micheal Shannon Thinks It's A Shame What Happened To Zack Snyder

In the middle of all problems, the DCEU is now in the spotlight. Unfortunately, it is a piece of bad news! Michael Shannon thinks that whatever happened to Zack Snyder is shameful!

DCEU, we have a problem!

The mighty heroes of DCEU!

Man of Steel’s Michael Shannon considers that everything that happened with Zack Snyder is shameful. The famous actor has been doing press for The Quarry and talked about the matter with JoBlo.

The conversation included everything that went wrong with DCEU. Therefore, the mega-company is now under the spotlight for a rift with Snyder.

What’s the matter?

Where it all began!

The problem is that Snyder’s vision has been ignored despite iconic characters like Wonder Woman and Aquaman using the same versions of the characters which appeared in the filmmaker’s earlier movies.

Although there are other facets of DC’s movie offering which have gone in different directions, there are many fans who wish to have a return of the DCEU model.

Also, these same people are waiting for a release of the fabled Snyder Cut of Justice League. However, the Zod actor can not get an idea where everything went wrong.

An insight into Michael Shannon’s opinion

Michael Shannon gave his opinion about the issue, he claimed it to be shameful!

According to Michael Shannon, he has stated that he loved to work with Zack. Although he expressed his opinion about how Zack has been going through, he also said that he had no idea about what happened with DC.

Therefore, he considered all the chaos as a shame. After repeatedly citing that he has no idea how everything went off the rail, Shannon guessed that all of these began in Batman vs. Superman.

Explaining the whole segment where the trouble started (according to him), he concluded that this issue is overall shameful.

Snyder and the issue

The General had some iconic moments in the movie.

Snyder addressed the controversial decision to have Superman eliminate Zod at the end of Man of Steel. The scene was shown during a live stream of Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice last month.

Snyder believed that there should be consequences for the villain; therefore, all the actions are clear. As per Snyder, although Superman was saving the world being converted into another planet, the greater good was served. He compared this incident with the Ozymandias-type scenario.

Therefore, as per Snyder, a big sacrifice is made to save the world. As Zod is a powerful man, to represent that one could defeat him without him nearly winning is not realistic.

Well, it seems that this is all based on common sense. It will be interesting to see whether we will witness a Snyder Cut in the future!

Have a look at the trailer of Man of Steel:

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