Microsoft to soon launch ‘DISC-FREE’ Xbox One S ‘All-Digital Edition’

Microsoft is reportedly going to make a radical change in Xbox One console this year.

Microsoft reportedly working on cloud-based streaming console

Windows Central reports Microsoft is will launch a disc-free system, dubbed as ‘Xbox One S All-Digital Edition’. The new console will start shipping in May with pre-orders starting next month. According to a separate report, the move will help bring down the price by up to $100 (Rs 7,000 approximately).

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XBOX, Previously code named ‘Maverick’

According to reports , Microsoft’s much- rumoured fully-digital Xbox, previously codenamed ‘Maverick’, will be released as early as May 2019. So, just two months away, and before E3, which is when many were anticipating a big reveal of the next Xbox models.

Not that Microsoft won’t be busy at E3 – we’re still expecting to see, for the first time, the consoles it has in development – including the properly next-gen ‘Anaconda‘, and the ‘Lockheart‘, which should be on a par with the Xbox One X. Together, these consoles are considered the ‘Scarlett’ line’.

This ‘Maverick’ is something else, though – a console more akin to the Xbox One S, that does away with a disc drive to offer a purely digital platform, ideally suited to popular subscription services Game Pass and Xbox Games With Gold.

Microsoft focusing on a Fortnite- Edition Console

Apart from an ‘All-Digital Edition’, Microsoft is also said to be working on a Fortnite Edition console. As the name implies, the console will have Fortnite- based custom theme. The special edition, however, will be a regular version with a disc.

The Windows Central report pointed out that an ‘all-digital’ edition will limit a few features but it will help users access a bunch of pre-loaded games and better Microsoft Store integration.

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The original Xbox One S was certainly a looker, as you can see above – but with the suped- up Xbox One X arriving on its coattails, it felt like a bit of a wasted iteration.

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