Miss Marvel LINKED to ABC’s Inhumans?

Disney at D23 Expo on Friday revealed that a series of Ms Marvel formally goes to the next Disney+ streaming service, which offers the long awaited introduction to the Marvel film universe of Kamala Khan. With this announcement still fresh, it goes without saying that there isn’t much detail about the next series saving for the logo and that Bisha K. Ali was tapped for displays and people can’t assist but wonder if Ms. Marvel will refer to a failed Marvel Inhumans series by ABC.

Kamala Khan becomes Ms Marvel

Kamala Khan becomes Ms Marvel
Kamala Khan, a.k.a., Ms Marvel


If you don’t know about it, at Kamala Khan / Ms comics. Marvel is a teenager from Jersey City, New Jersey, Muslim American, Pakistani descent. Kamala struggles with her location in the globe— in particular the conflict between her religion and her culture and what she considers “ordinary” American life— one night she sneaks out to take part in a party her dad has denied her. But when the party isn’t as it assumed, it ends up being exposed to the Terrigen Cloud which spread throughout the globe following the detonation of Terrigen Bomb into the atmosphere of the Earth during the battle with Thanos in the story of the infinity.

History of Kamala’s origins

Cast of Inhumans

Kamala Khan has come from an Inhuman and because of this she is technically creating a situation in which the series Ms Marvel could refer to the 2017 TV series Marvels Inhumans, which featured Anson Mount as the Black Bolt, and Serinda Swan as the Medusa. The series was not well received, however, and in May 2018 it was silently cancelled. If she recognizes Ms. Marvel as a nod to the now-defunct series the inhuman component of the history of Kamala’s origins.

Kevin Fiege talks about it

Marvel Studios chief Kevin Feige said, “These will be Marvel Studios productions. They will be entirely interwoven with both the current MCU, the past MCU, and the future of the MCU.”


In this respect, it offers an opportunity for Inhumans to reintroduce itself without necessarily referencing what may be the only true flop in the universal franchise.

Source: Comicbook, Flipboard

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