Mjolnir Is Gone, But Thor’s New Hammer Is Definitely More Badass! Here’s How…

The world needs Thor, and Thor needs his hammer. This is kind of the motto of Thor#1. Thor’s Odinson’s hammer, Mjolnir is now gone. It has been hurled into the mighty sun by Jane Foster.

In Mighty Thor #706, Thor demands to meet the dwarves of the Nidavellir to build new hammer for him. In Thor#1, Thor odins wields a new, undeniably badass hammer, known as The Hulk- Smiter. It might be not orthodox like Mjolnir, but it’s an indeed a good one.

Hulk and Thor have came to square many a times and none of them have been able to overpower the other. The rivalry came up to the big screen too in Thor: Ragnarok, which showed a bit of anger and a bit of love between the both of them. They actually seemed like the best couple of all.

However, there is currently no one who could justify how powerful Hulk-Smiter would be. History too is also not on the side. The Hulk-Smiter belongs to those lines of hammer which are meant to deal with a single thing and a single thing alone. This Hulk-Smiter is something which is powerful enough to control the Incredible Hulk.

A lot of other weapons too have made their appearance for taking down the mighty Hulk. Hawkeye’s anti-hulk arrow in Civil War II, Iron Man’s Hulkbuster are just some of the most popular ones. Is Hulk-Smiter a part of that chain too?

Only time will tell whether Hulk Smiter will ultimately be the tool Thor would use for taking down the Immortal Hulk, or it’s just a temporary replacement for Mjolnir. However, if it succeeds in its mission in turning the Hulk into smithereens, it will go down in the history of comics as a much better hammer than Mjolnir. Go through the latest edition Thor#1, and know it yourself.


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