Monster Movies Where The Monster Is The Good Guy

Monsters are considered the bad guys and we don’t cheer for them in the movie, right? Monster films have been there for a long time and the common thing about these films is that they terrify every person. But it’s not always like that. There are times when these monsters have proved to be more interesting and better than the heroes they fight.

Of course, in the end, the hero would still win, and not that these monsters are saints, it’s just that they fought for the right thing. The only thing the way they did was wrong? Here are the times when the monster was the good guy.

1. Lestat – Interview with the Vampire

Monsters who are actually good
Lestat was actually misjudged

He was the antihero in the film. Lestat was portrayed as a monster but he is far from that. He is a vampire, agreed but calling him a villain isn’t really fair. However, that doesn’t mean we are asking you to consider him 100% perfect or nice.

He had to turn Claudio into a vampire, but he did that just to save her life, and let’s not forget that he even destroyed a few evil vampires.

2. Sam – Trick R’ Treat

Monsters who are hated for no reason
Sam seems to be quite a pure soul

He’s very cute, right? But is capable of taking down a grown woman as well as a man. If you think about it, he had some good motives. He wants to punish the “wicked”  and wants to make sure that the holiday traditions are being followed. It is all chill otherwise with him, right?

3. Carrie White – Carrie

Monsters who did nothing wrong
Carrie was not a monster but a victim

Can we just agree that Carrie White literally didn’t do anything wrong? And we should appreciate how well Stephen King has written her character. She is just a regular high school girl who just doesn’t fit with the others. She has telekinetic abilities but that’s not what makes her the monster it’s more to how she was treated by the others.

4. Edward Scissorhands

Monsters who did nothing wrong
Johnny Depp as Edward Scissorhands

He had to go through so much! Edward was artificially created and all he wanted was to be loved and accepted. But he realizes that he will always be rejected by humans because he is not one of them. We see him trying hard to fit into society by using his Scissorhands to cut hair and trim hedges. Everyone appreciates his help and abilities but they never accept him. When he tries to save someone, he ends up cutting them accidentally and people think he did it on purpose.

5. Eli – Let the Right One In

Monsters who were good
Eli who turned out to be a Vampire

This is a Swedish film that revolves around Oskar. He becomes friends with Eli but finds out she’s a vampire. But she isn’t evil and Oskar too realizes that and understands she actually values him and loves him. Eli saved Oskar when he has fallen into a deadly prank!

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