Moon Knight: Did MCU Just Subtly Kill One Of His Biggest Villains?

In the fifth episode of Moon Knight, Marvel has managed to secretly kill a major villain from comics. While the Disney+ series’ antagonist is Arthur Harrow, performed by Ethan Hawke, Moon Knight still has a lot of enemies. One of them, and the character’s most significant villains, made an appearance in the fifth episode, only to meet a very different fate than his comics counterpart.

What Happens in Moon Knight Episode 5?

Moon Knight, Episode 5
A still from Moon Knight, Episode 5

Moon Knight’s Episode 5 follows from the cliffhanger of episode 4, where Steve and Mark cross the Douat, which is the Egyptian underworld. The two are sent on a mission by Tawaret to balance the scales in order for them to move on to the Field of Reeds. The two go through Marc’s family history and the origins of Steven. While doing so, fans who are familiar with Moon Knight and his adventures must have noticed another familiar character, who went on to take a quite different turn from the pages of comics.

Who Is Actually Randall Spector?

Randall Spector aka Shadow Knight
Randall Spector aka Shadow Knight is a Moon Knight villain

Yes, for fans who guessed it right, we are talking about Marc’s younger brother, Randall. Episode 5 of Moon Knight deals with complex subjects around Marc’s past, one of the events being Randall Spector’s death in his childhood. This was the start beginning of the trauma and how it went on to affect those around him, leading Marc to create Steven Grant and develop his dissociative identity disorder (DID). In the comics, Randall had a different story. The most recent Moon Knight episode saw Randall’s death as irreversible, and any other scenario might have taken away Moon Knight and to Mark the main part of their emotional weight. This would have certainly surprised those who knew the character before the series made its debut. In the Comics, Randall Spector was actually Shadow Knight, the main antagonist of Moon Knight.

The comics’ version of Randall grew up resenting Marc, trying to take his powers away, thereby going by the alias of Shadow Knight, a super-villain. After many fights, there was one where Moon Knight called in Frank Castle aka Punisher, Marc Spector managed to defeat Randall and kill him.

Oscar Isaac as Moon Knight
Oscar Isaac as Moon Knight

Moon Knight‘s elimination of its great antagonists in a totally different manner than in the Marvel comics proves that the MCU resumes to stand out from its comic-book counterpart.

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