Moon Knight Episode 5: Why Are The Other Gods So Scared Of Ammit?

The Marvel character Ammut has appeared in multiple comic editions as a recurring antagonist. In the comics, she is among the composite of Egyptian Gods who form an antagonistic faction. The physical incarnation of Ammut has yet to appear on the show, but her influence is ever-looming with Khonshu being another member of this ancient family of deities. With that being said, it is quite evident that Arthur Harrow is ahead of Marc and he is close to releasing the Goddess. Thus, it looks like Ammit will appear in the show very soon. However, it looks like other Egyptian Gods do not want Ammit to be set free anyway. Why are they so scared of her?

Ammit in Moon Knight?
Moon Knight Episode 5 is now streaming exclusively in Disney+

Who Is Ammit: Powers And Abilities

Unlike other gods, Ammit is made up of two halves – the first being a lioness and the latter a hippopotamus. She has been depicted for centuries across Egypt, often in profile as a lioness but with the rear end of a hippo. This new incarnation gives her an even more fearsome appearance. Though she may look pretty tough, one may be surprised to learn that she eats the soul of the guilty ones. Just like her comic book counterpart is portrayed as having all-knowing power and seeing what others will do even before they do it (making her the perfect judge and executioner), the actual deity was seen to have one job – to keep out of sight to maintain a balance between life and death.

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Ammit in Moon Knight
Ammut in Marvel Comics

Why Are The Other Gods So Scared Of Ammit?

It looks like Ammit is soon going to appear in the show. However, Khonshu and Enneads do not want Ammit to be free. Why are they so scared of her? This is perhaps because the Gods are literally afraid of her. After all, they are aware that once she’s free, half of the population will be gone. Ammit is never forgiving. Anchored on the forearm is a device that weighs sins. If it senses that the person is going to commit a sin in the future, Ammit does not spare that person. An example of this can be seen in Episode 1 of Moon Knight when the older woman dies after Arthur holds her hand.

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Ammit in Moon Knight
Ammit in Moon Knight comics

With all being said, in Marvel and Disney+’s Moon Knight, Oscar Isaac’s character struggles between his two personalities. In the end, he has to figure out a way to defeat Ammit and save humanity.

Marvel’s Moon Knight is now streaming exclusively on Disney+. Will the show have its season 2 in the future? Check out here:

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