Moon Knight Episode 6 Reveals MCU’s First Egyptian Superhero


Aside from the monumental moment when Marc Spector decided to don his traditional cowl once more in Episode 6 of the Disney+ series, there was another pivotal moment for actress May Calamawy. She plays an Egyptian superhero named Scarlet Scarab, who briefly acted as Taweret’s avatar during the final fight. But who is this new Egyptian superhero?

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Layla (May Calamawy) AKA Scarlet Scarab in Moon Knight
Layla (May Calamawy) AKA Scarlet Scarab in Moon Knight

Scarlet Scarab: Who Is She?

In Marvel Comics, the Scarlet Scarab is a new version of an old character. Abdul Faoul- depicted to be Layla’s father – found the Ruby Scarab inside of a different pyramid and then used its energy to take back control over Egypt from British authorities that were being led by Elton Morrow. Dressing as an Egyptian monarch while utilizing The Sons of the Scarab throughout his time as the Scarlet Scarab, Abdul’s power was more like those possessed by Doctor Strange after having come into direct possession of one of The Ancient One‘s books about sorcery.

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Moon Knight Episode 6 is available to stream on Disney+
Moon Knight Episode 6 is available to stream on Disney+

Layla’s Journey In Moon Knight

Moon Knight, Marvel’s Disney+ series, follows the story of Marc Spector’s journey into madness, he operates as a vigilante wearing a costume resembling an Egyptian deity. As many of you know the character, whether, by comics or the show, Marc has always been quite dangerous and not one to get close to. His wife gets caught up in his evening escapades and becomes involved with him, ultimately becoming an Egyptian superhero. The final episode of this rather short season essentially is her resolution, ending with a powerful moment that we feel is just deserved for her character – because even though she wasn’t looking for it at first we think it fits like a glove.

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Scarlet Scarab in Moon Knight Episode 6
Scarlet Scarab in Moon Knight Episode 6

What Is There Next For The Scarlet Scarab?

It’s unclear where Layla will go next, but one thing we do know is that she loves being the Scarlet Scarab and it only seems right that she would continue to fight good fights in her hooded suit. Maybe Layla will appear in another one of our favorite Marvel Disney+ shows. While her powers are obviously temporary, you never know what Marvel Cinematic Universe holds for her in the near future.

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With all being said, Marvel’s Moon Knight Episode 6 is now streaming exclusively on Disney+.

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