Moon Knight Season 2: Which Egyptian God Should Be The Next Villain

Moon Knight season 1 ended with the introduction to the protagonist Marc Spector’s third alter Jake Lockley. Though Khonshu has set Marc and Steven free, he is still taking full advantage of Marc’s dissociative identity disorder. Khonshu himself is caught up in personal vendetta with other Gods and Goddesses. In season one of Moon Knight, it was Ammit. Who knows which God or Goddess will Khonshu lock horns with in the next season? Here is a take on who could be the next villain in Moon Knight season 2:

Sobek, the Egyptian God of Crocodiles & Creator of the Nile


In mythology, Sobek is depicted with the head of a crocodile and the body of a man. He often wears “a plumed headdress with a horned sun disk or the Atef crown (associating him with Amun-Ra) and [carries] the Was scepter (representing power) and the Ankh (representing the breath of life).”

Sobek has been briefly mentioned in the comics and it is about time that he would appear in the Moon Knight season 2. It is notable that Khonshu and Sobek’s familial connection in Egyptian mythology is the bridge to the Moon Knight comics. As one of the darker Gods, Sobek could possibly become Moon Knight’s next villain. There could be battles to overpower the other since they are formidable and also have links with Amun Ra.

Ra, The Sun King

Amun Ra: The Sun God
Amun Ra: The Sun God

The mythological gods with direct connections to Moon Knightor and the MCU all tie back to one major god, Ra. Ra, the sun god, reigns over the gods in Egyptian mythology. He is the father of creation and the “patron of the sun, heaven, kingship, power, and light.” Additionally, he could turn into the very sun itself. Given that the ancient Egyptians based their society on agriculture, it follows that the sun god plays a significant role.

Marvel’s version of Ra, known as Atum, plays the father of Khonshu in the Moon Knight. And be it in the comic world or cosmic world, the father and son don’t get along much. Just like Khonshu, Ra has a defender who represents him on Earth. The Sun King and the Moon Knight have clashed many times in the comics. It would be fun to see if the sun vs. moon collision makes it to television.

Moon Knight’s crossover with the Multiverse Villains

Moon Knight Episode 6 is available to stream on Disney+
Moon Knight Episode 6 is available to stream on Disney+

But it goes without saying that the Marvel Cinematic Universe is a crazy universe of superhero universe and it wouldn’t surprise fans if there was a crossover between multiverses and see the Moon Knight battling it out with Gorr the God Butcher with Thor and Valkyrie as allies. There are theories of Moon Knight and Loki having an encounter or a verbatim of their own with the split in timelines and multiverses.


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