Moon Knight Theory: “Thanos Was Right” Cultist Will Finish What The Mad Titan Started

Marvel just gave Thanos more power. In this regard, MCU’s Infinity Saga prominently offered the Mad Titan all the powers during both Infinity War and Endgame. And although Iron Man tricked and killed Thanos during the final battle in Avengers: Endgame, we’re given a hint that Thanos still holds a powerful position over the planet. As Marvel Studios has completed its six-episode Disney+ series, Moon Knight, fans are linking the hooks between the last few Marvel releases and Phase 3’s Thanos.

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Thanos in Endgame and Moon Knight Is there a link
Thanos in Endgame and Moon Knight Is there a link

The Moon Knight Finale: “Thanos Was Right” Movement

The motivations of Harrow had previously been vague. The Moon Knight series has recently cleared it up. It turns out; that Harrow fought valiantly all this time on behalf of Ammit. While it was unknown whether or not he had any kind of hidden agenda for his mission; he knows that she is the key to eternal life and believes all the horrors of the world will be released if the Egyptian goddess isn’t resurrected. This conviction compelled Harrow to go to greater lengths than anyone else to resurrect her. We may start seeing Thanos’s followers take a page from Harrow’s book and pursue his goal, believing that Thanos would want as many people as possible to follow in his footsteps.

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Moon Knight Season finale is available to stream on Disney+
Moon Knight Season finale is available to stream on Disney+

There Are Countless Thanos Out There In The Multiverse

There are plenty of requisites and expectations for that to happen. If a mass reset is not an acceptable solution, then those who trust Thanos must bring him back, again. After all, there are countless Thanos (thanks to the Multiverse). However, Avengers: Endgame needed Quantum Tunnel to process it. But whatever the case is, MCU has already established them with all its specifics including America Chavez and Doctor Strange in Doctor Strange 2. So now, it doesn’t seem to be too difficult to finish what the Mad Titan started.

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Thanos in Marvel Cinematic Universe
Thanos in Marvel Cinematic Universe

With that being said, MCU phase 4 releases like Falcon and Hawkeye have echoed loud that “Thanos was right.” And in this regard, whether Marvel Studios will continue to dig this shell further or not; is still unclear. But one thing is sure: this new movement will soon finish what the Mad Titan started.

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