Morbius’ New Trailer Is Quite Confusing As It Refers To All Three Spider-Men And Venom

The new trailer of Morbius has finally arrived. It not only features references to the Spider-Verse but also highlights a direct link to Venom.

Collision Of The Marvel And Sony Verse

The teaser showed Doctor Michael Morbius struggling with an abnormal blood disease and surrounded by bats. Soon, he starts transforming into a blood-thirsty and super-strong vampire. While Doctor Michael Morbius wanted to use the new powers for good, the vampire inside wants to feed. But apart from all the abnormalities, the vampiric anti-hero film echoes a link to all the Spider-Man versions and Venom as well.

From the trailer that was released in the early 2020s, everyone knew that the film will include Michael Keaton’s Vulture who also appeared in Holland’s Spider-Man: Homecoming. That was indeed confusing for Marvel fans to understand as it depicted that the Morbius film will position itself in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. However, as far as Venom 2‘s post-credits scenes are concerned, it makes complete sense because now Marvel Studios and Sony verse has almost collided.

The Confusion Begins

With that being said, the trailer also highlighted a picture of Spider-Man on a wall. But apparently, it wasn’t Holland’s version of Spider-Man. Instead, it was Peter Parker wearing the same suit from Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man trilogy that featured Tobey Maguire as the titular character.

Morbius will hit the theaters on January 28, 2021
Morbius will hit the theaters on January 28, 2021

The new trailer of Morbius also highlighted a newspaper headline referring to both Black Cat and Rhino, villains from Amazing Spider-Man 2 that included Andrew Garfield as the titular character. Just when fans think this is it, no more confusions, an Oscorp building shows up with the same Oscorp logo that was there in Garfield’s Spider-Man films. To add more to the confusion-list, a newspaper had the same logo as we have already seen in Venom 2.

With all being said, the multiverse of madness has arrived and Morbius is an example as it has all the three versions of Spider-Man and Venom in it. However, before Morbius will arrive, fans will get to see and discover quite a few answers through the long-awaited MCU film, Spider-Man: No Way Home.

Morbius will hit the theaters on January 28, 2021.

Source: Games Radar

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