Morty And Jessica’s Future Revealed In Rick And Morty’s Season 4 Premiere

Morty and Jessica's romance or whatever else it is called is the central romantic plotpoint of the show. But it just never seems to happen. So Morty takes matters into his own hands to get himself the future he wants. But will it work out?
WARNING: The following has spoilers for Rick and Morty’s Season 4 premiere

The biggest romance of Rick and Morty centers around Monty and his high school crush Jessica. Since 2013, he has pined for her. He has also come close to establishing something more than friendship with her on some occasions. But it hasn’t ever worked out. But the Season 4 premiere, “Edge of Tomorty: Rick Die Rickpeat,” tells us what the future has in store for them, kind of that is.

Jessica Will Be At Morty’s Death Bed

Morty and Jessica are the romantic center of the show. Pic courtesy:
Morty and Jessica are the romantic center of the show. Pic courtesy:

The episode centers on Morty refusing to clone Rick back to life as it would end their future adventures with certain death. So instead, Morty makes use of a Death Crystal to navigate his life back home. He makes choices that’ll lead to the future he wants to have with Jessica – one with her by his bedside as he prepares to die.

Morty sees this future of them due to the crystal they stole from Forbodulon Prime. If someone makes contact with the blue gem, they can see how their actions in the present will affect how they’ll eventually die. Morty the makes all the right choices, just so that Jessica will be by his bedside on the day he dies. This convinces Morty that this is written in the stars as she has shown that she likes him despite him being a nerd and her being a popular girl at school.

What The truth Really Is

The post credit scene won't happen till Morty works on himself. Pic courtesy:
The post credit scene won’t happen till Morty works on himself. Pic courtesy:

Jessica has a on-and-off with Brad, but she has shown interest in Morty in the past. She has appeared at his parties and even went on a date with him once until he got too cocky and scared her off. Fans have recognized she might secretly harbor feelings for him. But she is too scared to admit since they’re so far apart in the social pyramid. This is what keeps Morty’s dreams still alive.

But in his obsession to make the right choices, he becomes one with the crystal and misses out on a golden opportunity. Jessica calls him to go skinny dipping after he wins his trial for attacking cops and soldiers. But the brainwashed Morty brushes her off as he is obsessed only just the decisions that’ll lead to the bedside finale. This surprises Jessica but she knows that Morty’s weird. Like this he blows off another shot.

Thankfully, the reborn Rick saves his grandson from the crystal’s mind control. But without the crystal we don’t know if the future Morty saw still happens. A post credit scene simply suggests that it won’t happen again until Morty swallows back his ego and pride. Morty at the end then overhears Jessica telling her friends her dream is to work in a hospice when she gets old. She tells that she wants to comfort men on their death beds, telling them she loves them. Morty now knows that this was the future he saw and this ticks him off. But now he is more determined to find another path to Jessica.

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