Most Authoritative & Dominating Hollywood Voices That Make Us Take A Knee

Hollywood has always been a place of great power and influence. Over the years, it has produced some of the most iconic voices in history. Authoritative, powerful, and commanding, these voices often make us take a knee. Let’s take a look at some of the most influential, authoritative & dominating Hollywood voices of all time.

James Earls Jones

Authoritative & Dominating Hollywood Voices | Animated Times
Source: Variety

There is no doubt that James Earls Jones always be at the top of this list. With one of the most distinctive voices, he has surely left a huge impact on Hollywood.

The voice of Darth Vader, it has such a force that it’s impossible to ignore and will drag you towards it. Jones’ soaring, paternal bass is so powerful, there’s absolutely nothing like it even at the deepest ends of the earth.  Since Jones’s voice-overs were viewed as special effects rather than performances, he initially remained uncredited for the first two Star Wars films, which is really quite surprising.

Morgan Freeman

Authoritative & Dominating Hollywood Voices | Animated Times
Source: TBI Vision

A true Hollywood icon, in addition to narrating the latest Cosmos series – as well as playing God ( Bruce Almighty) to the President (Deep Impact ) in movies, it’s no wonder Morgan Freeman is the second most recognizable voice in Hollywood. While Jones’ voice is more upbeat, Freeman’s voice is a gentler, more calming version of that.

His cadence could sweep you off your feet and just listening to him read out a grocery list can convince anyone that they’re soaking up eternal wisdom. If there was a Zombie apocalypse, he could surely make them all back off with just his voice and they’d want to listen to him.

Liam Neeson

Source: The Guardian

There’s no other word to describe his voice than ‘bewitching’.  There are voices that are indissociable from the actor, that contain Hinterland within them. Liam Neeson‘s is one of them.

It’s gruffer and tougher and has Irish undertones to it. Though of a higher frequency, it is produced with greater intensity and blatant intimidation. If vengeance had a voice, it would be his. The voice of Neeson is terrifying exactly when it needs to be and brings pure fear to your gut. And when you listen to it, you just know that he will find you and kill you, literally and figuratively.

Harrison Ford

Source: KXAN

Harrison Ford‘s stoic, accompanying growl – from the Indiana Jones films to the presidential role in Air Force One – strikes the perfect balance between charming and menacing, while simultaneously conveying a sense of ‘don’t mess with me’ meanness.

Judi Dench

Authoritative & Dominating Hollywood Voices | Animated Times
Source: Vanity Fair

Judi Dench has an unmistakable nicotine-stained voice which she would describe as “gin-soaked”.

One cannot help but think ‘dominating’ when listening to a clipped, no-nonsense, posh British accent – especially when it’s the voice of M from the James Bond movies. Bond is instructed where to go, what to do, and who to kill by her gravelly-edged tone of voice and it has left a memorable impact on the audience. Judi has no doubt made her way in every list of authoritative & dominating Hollywood voices.


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