Most Controversial TV Show Castings Of All Time

Television has been our friend for years. For most of us, we turn to the TV whenever we’re bored. So, it is obvious how huge the TV industry must be. They have to come up with content continuously to entertain the audience. Therefore, new shows come up now and then. With new shows coming up every year, it means new castings would be done. But the casting process isn’t easy. Sometimes, a lot of controversies wrap up around it. In a few cases, the audience wasn’t happy with the casting which led to controversies. So, here are a few controversial TV show castings of all time. Check it out!

1. Jodie Whittaker

Actor: Jodie Whittaker TV Show
Actor: Jodie Whittaker

When Jodie Whittaker was cast to play the 13th Doctor in “Doctor Who”, some fans were not happy with the decision, so much so, that they threatened to boycott the show altogether. However, this controversy sort of helped the show in a way that this season generated the best ratings since Matt Smith’s first season in 2010.

2. Lee Garrett

TV Personality: Lee Garrett as seen in Season 13 of The Bachelorette TV Show
TV Personality: Lee Garrett as seen in Season 13 of “The Bachelorette”

Even though “The Bachelorette” was being praised for taking a step towards inclusivity, the viewers posed a very crucial question: how do they screen the contestants? This question was popped because of Lee Garrett. During the 13th season of the show, Lee’s old tweets started resurfacing which weren’t good to look at. They were all sexist and racist tweets that were highly looked down upon. So, the viewers were confused as to how a candidate like this could be made a participant in the show.

3. Hank Azaria

Actor Hank Azaria voicing Apu in The Simpsons TV Show
Actor Hank Azaria voicing Apu in “The Simpsons”

Hank Azaria was chosen to play Apu in “The Simpsons”. First of all, the character Apu is said to be racist portraying the Indian community. Second of all, to play an Indian character, the makers chose a white guy. From the character to the casting, everything is problematic and controversial here.

4. Joseph Fiennes

Actor: Joseph Fiennes
Actor: Joseph Fiennes

There isn’t anything wrong with the actor. But it was wrong on the makers’ part that they decided to cast a white man to play the legendary Michael Jackson. In one of the episodes of “Urban Myths”,  the makers cast Joseph Fiennes to play Michael Jackson. The name of the episode of “Elizabeth, Michael, and Marlon”. While the fans didn’t react to the casting of Elizabeth and Marlon, they were outraged when they learned that a white guy was chosen to play Michael. The casting wasn’t received well by the Jackson family either! Eventually, the makers decided not to air the episode at all.

5. Madeleine Mantock And Sarah Jeffery

Madeleine Mantock, Sarah Jeffery, and Melonie Diaz in CW's reboot of Charmed
Madeleine Mantock, Sarah Jeffery, and Melonie Diaz in CW’s reboot of “Charmed”

Fans were elated when CW announced the reboot of “Charmed”. The show was about three Latina sisters. Once the cast was announced, the fans didn’t appreciate the casting. The two gorgeous actresses, Madeleine Mantock and Sarah Jeffery were cast to play two of the Latina sisters. However, both of them aren’t Latinas. Except for the third actress, Melonie Diaz, who is originally Latina among the trio. The fans expected the makers to cast actresses who were originally Latina like Melonie.

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