Let There be Carnage. Isn’t that what we all are looking forward to? We are talking about Venom 2 you homicidal freaks!! Carnage is about to hit the big screens pretty soon in the second Venom movie. And here’s why this symbiote super-villain is someone you need to be scared of. This guy, ladies and gentlemen, is the living incarnation of mania and psychosis.

Mutilates & Decapitates Different Versions Of Spider-Man In His Head

In Carnage: It’s A Wonderful Life, Security Chief Jameson and Doctor Kafka are infected by the symbiote. They soon find themselves inside Carnage’s head. And unsurprisingly, a first hand look at Carnage’s psyche is not a pretty sight. The first image they see is a room full of decapitated heads of Spider-Man. They see Carnage decapitating Spider-Man while the latter is suspended from a swing. As it turns out, Carnage’s mind runs on images of killing Spider-Man by decapitating him in the most innovative ways imaginable. And that is the very first thing they see. Nobody knows what else demented thoughts this harbinger of chaos has in its head.

Literally Thinks All Day Long About Various Creatively Gruesome Ways To Kill People

The Marvel Comic Book Universe is home to some pretty gnarly stuff. But none are as brutal and disgusting as the inner workings of Cletus Kasady’s mind. Cletus is a psychopath and host to the Carnage symbiote. His mind was so twisted it ended up infecting the symbiote, turning any other subsequent host of Carnage into an agent of madness. A testament to Cletus Kasady’s superhuman insanity is shown in Carnage: Mind Bomb. A doctor finally manages to get into Kasady’s head, forcing him to open up about his feelings. Kasady states that his mind keeps coming up with new ways to kill people and he remembers each and every one of them. As of now, Cletus knows of 9 Million ways to kill someone. His favorite method is pushing people into a garbage disposer, turning the human body into chunks of bones and guts. He imagines doing that to his parents.

Killing His Dog By Drilling It To Death

Cletus Kasady may be a horrendous person on the outside. But in the inside….well he is just as bad. There’s no two ways around it. The guy was psychotic from his very pre-pubescent days. When Cletus was a kid, he thought that his mom loved their family dog more than she ever loved her own son. So Cletus did what any good sociopath worth his salt would do. He took the dog down to the basement and with an electric drill, put multiple holes in his skull. What kind of a sick person tortures and muilates a dog? Cletus was not even a teenager back then. Carnage is beyond redemption.

Infecting An Entire Town

Things are about to get real bloody now. In Carnage, USA, Carnage decides to play his hand in infecting an entire town. A perfectly quiet American town in the United States is paid a visit by the Symbiote Super Villain. Carnage first infiltrates a meat factory and kills everyone there. An employee of the factory then escapes the massacre and makes his way to his home to check on his family. He warns his wife to stay away from the sink since “it” travels through it. The wife says their son is giving the baby a bath in the bathroom upstairs. The man screams and rushes to save his children. The baby is found to be completely infected while the son begs for help. The two children turn into Carnage slaves and attack the father, killing him in the most painful way possible. Yep, that’s Carnage for you.

‘Invading’ His Psychiatrist’s Head & Turning Him Into A Cannibal

The most incredible machine in the entire world is the human mind. It’s so complicated and uncharted that many scientists would rather explore the universe than take a dive in this pool. An ace psychiatrist realizes that Carnage’s mind is the best muse to explore and understand the human mind. By pumping his body full of drugs, the Doctor comes pretty close. But the drugs wear off sooner than expected because of Carnage’s healing factor. Carnage decides to infect the Doctor’s mind rather than kill him. By literally piercing his brain with a tendril, the doctor is shown visions of what goes on inside Carnage’s mind. the violent visions are enough to drive the stoic psychiatrist insane. When the guards try to save him, the doctor attacks them and tries to eat them.

Threw A Newborn Baby Out Of The Window As A Distraction

When Cletus Kasady first became Carnage, Spider-Man realized he was too strong for him to take on alone. So Peter Parker enlisted the help of the anti-hero Venom. Carnage had been taunting Spider-Man and the Cops with crimes all over New York. The first encounter between Carnage, Venom, and Spider-Man ended up with Carnage overwhelmed. Rather than accept defeat, Carnage decided to escape. Since Venom and Spider-Man were hot on his heels, Carnage grabbed a newborn baby and threw him out of the window to create a distraction. This was when the readers realized Carnage is not the typical Marvel Supervillain. This guy would go to extreme lengths to do his bidding.

Massacred Manhattan

The 90’s Maximum Carnage arc is so famous it was even adapted to a video game. and it is arguably the best carnage arc after Absolute Carnage. The 14 Part Maxi-series involved carnage teaming up with Deadly Super Villains and going on a murderous rampage. By the time the issue ended and Carnage was defeated, Cletus Kasady had already murdered thousands of people. But his acts became even more dangerous after he teamed up with Shriek. The latter’s empathic powers were harnessed by Carnage to turn the entire area of Manhattan into a bloodthirsty mob, creating a riot unlike any other in human history.

Infected Benjy Parker

In the MC2 Universe, Carnage left behind a legacy that would haunt Peter Parker for life. In this alternate universe, Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson had a daughter named May, who became that universe’s Spider-Girl. This universe’s Carnage proved to be deadly even without a host. Peter and Mary Jane’s son named Benjy Parker. In an act of utter cruelty, Carnage infected Benjy and took over his body. May Parker was forced to fight her younger brother. As an act of last resort, Spider-Girl used a sonic gun to annihilate Carnage but not before turning Benjy permanently deaf in the process.

Bonded With Norman Osborn To Become The Red Goblin

The Green Goblin is a villain who already has a twisted psyche, courtesy of the Goblin Formula. In Dan Slott climactic run on the Decade long Amazing Spider-Man series, he ran a story where the Green Goblin and Carnage join forces, quite literally indeed. The resulting entity called the Red Goblin had the powers of Carnage and the Green Goblin’s brains. To top it off, the insanity within the Green Goblin was amplified due to him being possessed by Carnage. His actions led to Normie Osborn turning into the Goblin Childe, and remain forever tainted by the symbiote.

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