The Marvel cinematic Universe is full of epic, incredible, and drool-worthy moments. Each Avenger has had his or her own time to shine. Here are the best picks of the lot.

Iron Man – Blows Up a Tank, Walks Away Like a Champ

Tony Stark was just a billionaire with a gifted mind. he was never seen as badass. People saw him as a spoilt brat who needed to be disciplined. That was until he found his calling and became Iron Man. one of his first acts was dealing with a hostage situation with the Ten Rings. Things soon heated up and he came face to face with an armored tank. The tank missed. Tony didn’t. And the way he walked off fromn the blast like it was nothing was all we ever needed to see.

Bruce Banner – I’m Always Angry

In The Avengers of 2012, Bruce Banner is treated nothing more than a nuisance. Loki plays with his head and makes him go after his own friends and allies. Banner escapes the Helicarrier, not to be seen again until the climax when the Chitauri invade. His friends ask him will he be able to muster up the rage to call on the Hulk as a Leviathan marches towards them. Banner reveals his secret. His calm demeanor is a ruse. He is always angry.

Thor – Bring Me Thanos!!!

Thor has lost a lot over the years in the MCU. From his entire family to most of his people, he became an empty shell of an Asgardian. But before he reached his lowest, Thor did reach his prime. With Mjolnir gone, Thor took to space to forge a prototype weapon powerful enough to fight Thanos. Stormbreaker allowed him to not only open portals through space-time but also enhanced his lightning generation and manipulation abilities. When Thor enters the Battle of Wakanda, he takes out scores and hordes of enemy ships with every swing.

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Wanda Maximoff – You Took Everything From Me

Thor lost dearly. So did Wanda Maximoff. She lost the only person that kept her safe and sane. With Vision gone, she had no one to turn to. The snap wiped her away and the Blip brought her back. Since vision was killed by Thanos personally, he never returned. Wanda comes back from the afterlife to see herself awake and alone. She only has Thanos to blame. Mustering up a surge of chaos magic, she literally drops the entire landscape on Thanos, forcing the Mad Titan to order an aerial bombardment on his own troops to take her out.

Clint Barton – Loki Didn’t See That Coming

Clint Barton is but a mere human. How could a mortal like him ever stand equal to Gods and Monsters like the Hulk and Thor? And yet his involvement in the Avengers is pivotal. Barton proved his worth in salt in the Battle Of New York. He fired a single arrow at Loki. We all thought what good would a simple arrow would have done when literal bullets cannot pierce his skin. And just then the arrow explodes, surprising us all and throwing Loki off his flying vehicle.

Black Widow – This Idiot Is Giving Me Everything

We have said it before and we will say it again. Black Widow does not get the appreciation she deserves. Not enough at all!! In The avengers, Black Widow is shown being held hostage as a group of high ranking army personal of a foreign nation get ready to interrogate her. Suddenly a phone call comes from Phil Coulson. He knows she is being held captive but orders her to come back as soon as possible. He does not even flinch. It is then we realize that it was never Black Widow who was the hostage. It were her captors who were in deep trouble.

War Machine – Fighting Ivan Vanko’s Hammer Drones

Whiplash was one of the most underwhelming villains of the MCU. despite Mickey Rourke giving his best, the villain was written in such a bland fashion it was totally a disaster. But Iron Man 2 gave us the most epic War Machine moment though. After Rhodey gains back the controls to his suit, he teams up with iron Man as the Hammer Drones approach. War Machine proves to be a walking arsenal of weapons, firing on every direction and not missing a single drone at any point of time. The Hammer drones keep coming and Ear Machine tears through them like hot knife through butter.

Falcon – Sam Becomes Captain America

Sam Wilson was destined to take up the Captain America mantle. He may have refused the Shield at first but he knew fate had other plans for him. And when he finally donned the red, white and blue on his wings in the final episode of FATWS, we were all cheering for him. As the new Captain America, Sam fought the Flag Smashers, took down a rogue pilot piloting a helicopter loaded with hostages, and even solved world problems. It looked tough but for the new Captain America, its just Tuesday.

Spider-Man – Trolling Sam & Bucky In Civil War

Now this is a fight scene to remember. Spider-Man was new to the entire thing. And he made his presence felt when Iron Man called him out right before the Airplane Hangar fight scene. Spider-Man quickly finds himself fighting Bucky and Sam. The entire fight involved Peter Parker being unusually impressed by Sam and Bucky’s skills and gadgets. It is hilarious and engaging. We would watch it over and over again and never get bored even once.

Ant-Man – Ant-Man Becomes Giant-Man

In Ant-Man And The Wasp, Sonny Burch almost manages to escape when Scott Lang pulls an ace from up his sleeve. Reversing the polarity of his Pym Particles, Lang enlarges himself in size. Now Giant-Man, Lang chases after Burch on foot. In the middle of a huge water body, the scene of Giant-Man looking down on the people on the boat is a priceless MCU moment.

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Captain America – Jumping On The ‘Grenade’ To Save Everyone Else

Captain America has many moments in the MCU. They are all so awesome and epic. But Steve Rogers was a true superhero even before he was injected with the super soldier serum. Sure he had his Endgame ‘Mjolnir’ moment or The Winter Soldier Helicopter scene. But the most incredible moment was when Steve Rogers, jumped on a grenade during boot camp training to save his mates’ lives. We knew then and there this guy was going places.

Captain Marvel – Chases Away Ronan The Accuser & His Accuser Corps From Earth

Captain Marvel is told to be the strongest superhero in the Avengers roaster. And she proved his mettle when she discovered her binary form and took down the Kree warships that came to destroy Earth. How does she do it? By literally tearing through the Accusers’ ships, sending a message that is heard loud and clear throughout the universe. Earth is under Captain Marvel’s protection. Earth is OFF LIMITS!!!

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