Most Imaginative Uses Of A Lantern Power Ring

The Green Lantern Power Ring is one of the most foremost weapons in the DC Universe. From the emotional spectrum to the electric chair, their willPower allows them to do all sorts of amazing things. Even their unique superhero powers have more creative possibilities compared to any other superheroes.

Most imaginative Uses Of A Lantern Power Ring
Most imaginative Uses Of A Lantern Power Ring

However, throughout their publication, they find several imaginative uses of lantern power rings that are enough to destruct the whole DC universe. Additionally, the majority of them are pointless. For instance, why create a firefighter if you can throw a bucket of water. Despite being meaningless, they used their Lantern Power Rings in the most innovative way ever possible.

Kyle’s punishment against Major force

One of the darkest chapters in Green Lantern history is when Kyle Rayner found his girlfriend Alexandra DeWitt dead and stuffed in the refrigerator. Major Force committed this crime blindly in the desire of a Lateran power ring. Initially, Kyle wasn’t giving significant attention to his responsibilities, but this incident left an immense impact.

 Kayle's punishment against Major force

Later, in a rage, Rayner went after Major Force during a knock-down, drag-out battle. Kyle created an inexperienced green construct during the fight in the form of an electric chair to strap Major Force into and shock him with ring energy. Though, it is a sadist as well as a surprising way to use the lantern power ring.

Innovative Spacepirate ship construction

Green lanterns have no transport problem in space. They usually need no spacecraft for space transport. However, no one can control Kyle’s impressive power showcase of the Lanterns’ power rings.

Kyle's Spacecraft construction through lantern power rings
Kyle’s Spacecraft construction through lantern power rings

During “The One-Man JLA” Storyline, Kyle constructed the space pirate ship to find a ward superman. Of course, there are several other methods to get the job done, but no one can stop Kyle’s unusual constructions. Despite the criticism, it is interesting to see the same thing in space.

Lobo’s Original Weapon Construction

One of DC’s most depraved killers, Lobo, used his Lantern power ring to create the most dangerous weapon in history. During the comics’ sequel of injustice, Lobo combined the energy blast and made a weapon. Guess what? His appendages.

Lobo's appendage attack
Lobo’s appendage attack

However, Lobo wasted no time getting revenge on an old foe, Atrocitus. With his ring power, he strikes the most inappropriate and giant attack. Hal and Guy can’t help but respect this unimaginable attack.

Weapon creation through Lantern power rings

Lantern weapon creation
Lantern weapon creation

One is right if they claim the Lantern’s invention powers to the strongest one. Even Lanterns Corps use their abilities to create outstanding inventions, but the most useful and simple one is to generate enormous weapons. Additionally, weapon creation is why Kyle Rayner, Hal Jordan, and John Stewart are the Lanterns’ alliance leaders.

Medical Equipment Construction

Lantern’s power ring creation capability always surprises the viewers with its innovative invention. Additionally, one such gadget includes the Medical equipment formation.

Medical Equipment Construction through Lantern power ring
Medical Equipment Construction through Lantern power ring

Soranik Natu was a neuroscientist on the Korugar planet. However, the planetarian considers Lanterns evil, so she denied the ring when it appeared to her. Later, when one of her patients crashed, she used the call to build an intricate apparatus to save him. Even she considers producing them while working as a Lantern.

Ch’p defeated Superman

Majority of members neglected Ch’p in the green Lanterns team. He even showcased it as comic relief in several Lantern stories. But the smaller an ant is considered, the more it can bring down the elephant.

Ch'p defeated Superman
Ch’p defeated Superman

However, this tiny rodent manages to bring down Superman. In the injustice comic series, Superman neglected the little squirrel while fighting with lanterns. And that’s the primary blunder he made. A few moments later, he smashed on the ground. The Ch’p uses his Lantern power ring to attack Steel.

The Lanterns owns several vehicles

Super glorious vehicles and exemplar powers are deadly combinations Lanterns have. Lanterns utilize cars during the fight. However, from Tron like bikes to speed breaker fighter jets, they avail themselves of various vehicles to boost their fighting skills.

Lantern's owns several vehicles
Lanterns own several vehicles

Even with a battle with Sinestro, Hal Jordan control other wingmen alongside him. Of course, his pilot skills eventually helped him to be the leader of Green lantern Forces.

The firefighter construction

Kyle Rayner's fire Fighter construction
Kyle Rayner’s fire Fighter construction

Another bizarre use of the Lantern power ring is the creation of a firefighter. Once, Kyle Rayner traveled around Earth with Saint Walker to reflect on the changes he has seen since becoming the White Lantern. He puts his power to fair use by creating a gigantic firefighter for burning fire on an oil rig. Besides the weirdness of making a firefighter put out a single fire, there’s also the fact that it’s entirely unnecessary. The firefighter sucked water from the ocean, which can be done by creating a big hose.

Lanterns have Several Outfits

The power of a Green Lantern power ring is speculative limitless. In the comics, we have seen them creating several missiles, aircraft, etc.

Lanterns have several Outfits
Lanterns have several Outfits

However, one capability that gets overlooked is their costume designing capability. Over the years, we have seen that several Green Lantern Corps members have adopted their version of the caliber uniform. They dress in armor to enhance their fighting skills and gaining extra weaponry attach to their shoulders. However, The primary color of the armor remains the same.

Lantern’s kryptonite innovation

Lantern's kryptonite innovation
Lantern’s kryptonite innovation

The green Lanterns power ring can provide enormous energy, including the radiation emitted by kryptonite. The most important use of the artificial Green Lantern kryptonite is found in Superman: Man of Tomorrow. Martian Manhunter invaded Supe’s head to learn the kryptonite formula. Later, he gave it to Kyle Rayner to cook up a nice big batch of green crystal to take down the rampaging blue boy scout.


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