Most Overrated Movies Of This Year, Ranked

Due to the global pandemic, cinemas were shut, productions were delayed, and the movie dates too had to be pushed further. As a result, when in 2021, things started getting better, many blockbusters were released.

The Reddit users have always been quick enough to discuss movies and talk about what they liked and what they hated. This year has been no less, and most of the movies this year haven’t been “critically acclaimed” and some have been way too far from it. Here are some of the most overrated movies according to the Redditors.

1. Dune

Most Redditors agree that Dune is the most overrated film of the year. The reason is not that it is a bad film or something, but because it had an overwhelmingly positive reception. The movie was received positively by both the critics and the fans, but Dostm doesn’t agree.

They think that Dune had no substance and said, “let’s hint at a potentially interesting idea or interaction, throw in some cool visuals and an epic score, then, that’s enough.” They are not wrong since the movie does feel like it is setting up a sequel. There is no denial in the fact that the movie is fascinating lore and spends a lot of time building the world.

2. Red Notice

Dwayne Johnson has been a part of many movie duos and he is setting a trend of teaming up with many other big stars. Red Notice was an expensive movie and it did the same thing of him being teaming up with Ryan Reynolds and they have a buddy and cop sort relationship.

The film was not exactly critically acclaimed but then it was loved by quite a several people. But some people did not enjoy the film a bit. Redditor kattahn feels that everything about the film was bland and the one-liners were inorganic and the cinematography was boring as well. It was just disappointing. But the film did make a lot of money and the sequels are already in the works.

3. Free Guy

Many fans believe that Deadpool ruined Ryan Reynold’s career since has just ended up playing the same sort of pop-culture referencing a character in every movie from then. These pop culture references appear in almost every part of the scene in the Free Guy.

But these references didn’t exactly impress many people and This_neverworks thinks that Ryan Reynolds and other actors trying to goof around was painful to watch. But sadly, the Redditor will have to bear it since the movie was a “huge success” and Disney wants a sequel.

4. The Suicide Squad

There is a huge difference in the quality when one compared the Suicide Squad (2016) to the newly released one. The Suicide Squad is built on the original characters and it even introduced the fans to the new ones (more like the fan-favorite ones) and it also gave the audiences compelling story arcs that were heartfelt.

Redditor Scary_Understanding2  never understood the hype and believes that the DC fans have their expectations so low they consider this as a “legendary” movie. However, it was a great year for DCEU fan and even though the quality of the DCEU movies have not exactly been consistent, the universe did pretty well in 2021.

5. Godzilla Vs. Kong

Godzilla vs. Kong was not exactly received well by the critics, yet it did go on to become one of the highest-grossing movies of the year that the audiences loved it. Many fans had been waiting to watch both monsters go head to head on the big screen and it did pay off since they got just what they were longing for.

But Redditor EenyEditor is tired of these films. They think that the whole plot felt like a “forced narrative” since all of us are expected to assume that the monsters would fight each other.

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