Most Significant Moments From Comic Books in 2021

As New Year sets upon us, there is not a better time to look back on the previous year and see what DC and Marvel events have gained a place in the history of comic books. This has been a duration of change, having major beginnings, surprising conclusions and bold artistic choices that provided the comics the ingredients to pass the test of time. Now, it’s time to take a look at some most promising moments of 2021 from comics.

Legacy Heroes Of A New Generation Are Introduced By DC With Infinite Frontier

Post the incidents of Dark Knights: Death Metal, the Infinite Frontier push became a huge rearrangement. Giving importance to freedom of creation in the future, the restrictions of the past had no more control on the stories. The current heroes have their paths along with the new generation taking lead in front.

DC, in the previous year, held the lead positions in its comic books for more legacy characters. I Am Batman features Jace Fox as the future Dark Knight, the Corps are saved by Teen Lantern Keli Quintela and Sojourner “Jo” Mullein in Green Lantern, and in Superman: Son of Kal-El, Jonathan Kent takes over for his father. These characters and more have been integral in giving voices to underserved audiences and bringing the spirit of DC’s history to every reader possible.


Marvel Welcomes A New Venom And A New King In Black

The King in Black event this year saw Eddie Brock engage the God of Symbiotes, Knull which marked the end of Ryan Stegman’s and Donny Cates’ journey with Venom. A cosmic force instilled in Brock made him a temporary enemy of Knull, the God of Light, which ended the battle resulting in Brock’s win. Brock has now taken the role of the new King in Black, which makes him one of the most powerful beings.

Eddie’s son Dylan takes on the Mantle of Venom while Eddie is in space. The young Brock faces his own trials, being pursued by the authorities and the Life Foundation with no one by his side but the symbiotes Venom and Sleeper. With Eddie as King in Black and Dylan shaping out his own way, fans are pretty much interested to know what all the new status quo could bring.

Immortal Hulk
Immortal Hulk

Darkest Side Revealed Of Marvel’s Godlike Figure

Al Ewing and Joe Bennett’s Immortal Hulk finally ended its run with a grandeur as the journey itself. Bruce Banner and his many personalities scuffled against the schemes of the One-Below-All. They had an opportunity to face the Gamma-powered force and question why it tortured them. The surprising answer was revealed by One-Below-All as he was the alternate face of the One-Above-All, Marvel’s most godlike being.

The truth that the most powerful two beings are just the alternate sides of a coin was not a very good way to bring it home for Immortal Hulk, it provided more depth to the strange being. While the One-Above-All finally achieved a cosmic balance, the One-Below-All served as a metaphorical Hulk. The presence of the One-Below-All as a counter to the most powerful entity in the MCU makes it one of the most important additions.

Adhish Saxena
Adhish Saxena

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